Expert Coaching

Expert Coaching

Daily lessons that will keep you focused and committed to your diet.

Daily Lessons

Change your weight loss pattern... forever!

Over the course of 100 days, we'll cover topics like: the emotional aspects behind overeating, the bad habits that contribute to poor health decisions and how you can gain the right mental approach to achieving and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

100 Days of Weight Loss
Access lessons on your mobile device.
  • Stop emotional eating and get control over food.
  • Learn instant tools that work in every food situation.
  • Make sense of meal portions, food triggers and more!
  • Track your progress as you complete each lesson.
  • Companion articles and audio program.
  • Based on the best selling book: "100 Days of Weight Loss."
  • Designed by fitness expert Linda Spangle (RN, MA).
  • Articles by Linda compliments the program.