Diet Charts and Graphs

Dieting Charts & Graphs

Charting your progress & getting the results you desire!

Diet Charts Charts and Graphs

This is where you see the results of your planning and tracking. Our Charts and Graphs section will give you a unique, visual perspective on how your diet is progressing and help point out some areas you need to work on. Learn what meals most of your calories are coming from, monitor your goals, view averages and more. This valuable information will help you make the adjustments needed to stay on track!

Calorie Chart
Breakdown meals right on the tracking page.
  • Customizable weight charts help you track your weight loss progress.
  • Track all of your short and long-term weight loss goals on one page.
  • Point out your meal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Track your daily consumption for the major nutritional categories.
  • Our pace graph gives you a glimpse into the future of your diet.
  • Chart your progress from starting weight to goal weight!
  • Our unique dot system gives you insight beyond just numbers.
  • Special charts help you maintain after you've lost the weight.
  • Breakdown your snacking by time of day.
  • All charts are iPad, iPhone and non-Flash compatible!