Diet Challenges & Contests

Monthly Competitions

Have fun and stay motivated at the same time!

Monthly Competitions

Dieting Challenges & Contests

You may have seen television shows like "The Biggest Loser" and wondered how much weight you can lose under such conditions. While we can't send you away to a secluded ranch with a private trainer, we do provide motivating challenges and contests each month.

Tracking Rewards
Win prizes for tracking your diet!
  • Track your diet to earn points for entry into our monthly drawing.
  • Monthly prizes, including lifetime program memberships and gift cards!
  • Motivation to track your diet and make the right decisions.
  • Get rewarded for participating in the community.
  • Special seasonal competitions add even more motivation.
  • Start your own competition from over 20 dieting categories.
  • All contests are optional, participate only if you wish.