Tracking Facts and Tips

Tracking Your Diet Works!

Tracking Facts

A Positive Cycle Begins

When you start tracking your diet, you start bringing awareness to your decisions. This can lead to better choices, which leads to results & motivation, which makes you want to track more! It's a positive cycle of accountability and achievement that you can use all of the way to your goal weight.

Tracking Tips

If you're new to diet tracking or just haven't had much success before, here are a few tips which may increase your chances for success:

  • Make a commitment to track no matter what. Track your good meals, track your bad meals. Track when your weight is down, track when your weight is up. Commit to tracking for at least a week and more than likely, you will experience the positive benefits of your tracking before the week is up.
  • Start with a simplified tracking approach. lets you focus on a single nutritional category, like calories or carbs, instead of worrying about every nutrient. This can help you focus on a single goal with clarity and make tracking easier. Later, you can choose to add more categories or keep it simplified if you wish.
  • Using the program you can track your weight as often as you wish, but our data clearly shows that those who track their weight more often tend to lose more weight. Let's make looking at the scale a positive experience!

What The Data Shows

Numerous studies have shown that online diet tracking works and our own data concurs. The simple fact is that the more people use the program, the more weight they lose.

  People Who Lost Weight...
Weight Tracking:   Track Their Weight More Frequently
Goal Setting:   Set More Weight Loss Goals
Meal Tracking:   Track Six-Times More Foods
Exercise Tracking:   Are Twice As Likely to Track Exercise
Weight Loss:   Lose Twice as Much if they are a Deluxe Member