Program Features

Planning and Tracking Your Diet Online

We've made managing your diet easy and fun!

Diet Plan
Set your diet plan goals exactly how you want them

Your Diet Plan

First things first, we start by choosing a final goal weight and a weight-loss pace that you are comfortable with. Then use the diet calendar to set some realistic weight goals. Finally, setup your meal and exercise plans for the week.
  • Choose the goal weight and pace that you are comfortable with
  • Automate goals to your diet calendar using your goal pace
  • Personalize your goals and anticipate each success
  • We guide you through the entire process, suggesting levels, but giving you full control
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Meal Plan
Develop a meal plan with ease

Meal Plans & Meal Planner

Whether you are calorie counting or watching your carbs, we'll help you develop a daily meal plan that is right for you. Our easy "click and pick" meal planner will help you build a plan from our selection of meal suggestions, you favorite meals, recipes and more.
  • Hundreds of pre-made meal plan templates for you to start with
  • Swap out the meals and snacks you don't like to customize your plan
  • Over two million possible meal plan combinations from our suggestions alone
  • Build you own meal plan from scratch to save, modify and plan later
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Food Database
Track your meals using real foods

Tracking Your Diet

Now that you have a plan in place, you'll want to access the program daily to enter in your weight, water intake, meals and exercises. Compare your performance with your plan and take accountability to help bring about positive lifestyle changes.
Weight Chart
20+ charts & graphs visually show your progress

Charts and Graphs

Here is where really shines. Over 20 charts and graphs will give you a visual insight into your diet, helping to point out your strong and weak points. Take this information and apply it to your lifestyle to help achieve your dieting goals.
  • Chart your weight and pace to help stay on target
  • Breakdown your calorie intake by meal, weekday & more
  • Watch your remaining calories as each day progresses
  • Keep an eye on your BMI, water, exercises and more
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Diet Blogger
Your own diet blog journals your progress

Community Features is a community of like-minded dieters that are facing many of the same struggles that you are. Our community section is a great place to find support, motivation and advice. It's nice to be among people who understand.
  • Discuss dieting and life issues on our message boards
  • Upload pictures and text to create your own diet blog
  • Find and chat with like-minded dieters using our buddy tools
  • Access recipes, tips and health articles
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Expert Coaching
Daily lessons that will keep you focused

Expert Coaching

Over the course of 100 days, we'll cover topics like: the emotional aspects behind overeating, the bad habits that contribute to poor health decisions and how you can gain the right mental approach to achieving and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.
Diet Competition
Our monthly contest provide fun and motivation

Dieting Competitions

Have fun and stay motivated by participating in our monthly contest. You'll earn points for weight and water tracking, meal planning, exercises tracked and more. Meet the minimum points and you'll be entered into our monthly contest! When dieting is fun, it becomes that much easier!
  • Fun competitions using various diet categories
  • Monthly prizes, including membership extensions and gift cards
  • Monthly challenges to motivate and gain contest entries
  • Start your own public or private competition from over 20 dieting categories
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Track your diet while on the go! Mobile

We've made portable! Specially designed for smaller-screen devices and tablets, our mobile version a great way to track your diet while on the go!
  • Perfect for iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices
  • Tracking is automatically synced with the main program
  • Pages and charts designed for the mobile screen
  • Download our mobile app to add Barcode scanning for easy food tracking
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