Focused Nutritional Tracking

Focus on Your Key Nutritional Categories

Simplify the planning and tracking process!

Tracking NET Carbs Sample

Tracking Made Easy

Our single focused tracking mode allows you to highlight a single nutritional category to be displayed throughout the program, simplifying the planning and tracking process and allowing you a clear definition of your goals and progress. Great if your counting calories, on a low fat diet or tracking a low carb plan.

  • Simplifies the planning and tracking process to a single nutritional category.
  • You pick the category, options include: Calories, Fat, Carbohydrates, NET Carbs and more.
  • Taking a peak at the other nutritional categories is always just a single click away.
  • All categories are still planned and tracked, you just don't see them.
  • This is an optional mode, at any time you can resume displaying all nutritional categories.
  • Charts and graphs break down your performance for your chosen category.
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