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Karen from Conway, Arkansas writes:

Karen"SYD has made an amazing difference in my life. I never imagined in 2006 when I joined the site, how much a part of my life it would become. The tools the site offers are invaluable for calculating calories, and determining your progress toward personal goals that you set for yourself. Guidelines are there for you, but you customize the tools to work best for you personally. The ability to set goals is very helpful, and the recent addition of user-created contests gives members so many tools to connect with others. The message boards are great, and very helpful. It's simply an amazing site.

A big strength of the site is the members who belong to SYD, and the sense of community that there is here. I have met people through the site who have become very personal friends, and I have met at least 10 of them in person. People here really care about the progress of others. We see each other through good times and bad, weight-related and personal. The site has provided an avenue for us to get to know others who are one in the quest for better health through weight loss.

Another strength of this site are the folks who administer the site. The administrator is very approachable with ideas we have, and has revamped and made changes and has made site upgrades on a regular basis. I know of NO other site where members can ask for features or new discussions areas, and voila, they appear.

I honestly don't know if I would still have 85 pounds off if it weren't for It has become my daily touchstone. It is what keeps me mindful of my health and my weight, and the friends that are here encourage each other like no other site I have seen. It is the best spent money I can think of to stay in touch with my health and friends who realize that we are all in this together. I am still a work in progress, working toward goal and optimal health in my late 50s. I will belong to this site…forever! Thank you SYD!"

Linda Spangle, RN, MA, Weight Loss Coach & Award-Winning Author writes:

My weight-loss clients have raved about how this site has helped them stay focused and solid on their diet and exercise plans. gives you powerful tools for monitoring your progress and staying on track-critical aspects of becoming a weight-loss success story!

Jynell writes:

Jynell"The reason I have been successful in my new lifestyle has been the message board and blogs. Whether I have joys or sorrows, I know that there is a group waiting to support me. On the flip side, when I read in a blog that I have inspired someone to succeed, I am overjoyed and push myself even more. All new members are welcomed with open arms and no one is a stranger. My SYD family has donated hundreds of dollars to help me achieve my goal to walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. The men and women on that message board care about my success and I care about theirs.

The interactive charts and graphs drew me to this site, but the support of the message board and blogs will keep me a lifelong success story.

I've lost 35 pounds using SYD and it is the best decision I've made. This is the new me and the new lifestyle I have become."