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Cindy from Lansing, Michigan writes:

Cindy"I never thought that joining a website would change my life. But it definitely has!

The 24/7 nature of makes it possible for me to check in whenever I need support or encouragement. That has been a key difference for me in finally losing weight permanently. Before I would always start a diet with great enthusiasm and then peter out a few weeks or even a few months later and undo all my hard work. With the support of the site's tools and other members of SYD, I learned it's critical to pick myself up after a mistake or a binge and keep moving forward. I've learned how to create a healthy lifestyle.

When I started I was unhappy with the way I looked and rarely exercised. So far, I've lost and kept off over 70 pounds. I still enjoy eating good food and I love buying clothes in the "regular" sizes at stores -- I no longer have to buy whatever fits -- I have choices now! I enjoy running, biking and swimming and have competed in a triathlon. Most of all, I want to share how great it FEELS to be healthier. I have so much more energy!

There is no magic pill for weight loss -- if there was I would've found it because I tried nearly everything. What it does takes is a willingness to learn and change, and to keep on trying even if you make a mistake. It's a personal journey to a healthy lifestyle and the payoff is worth it. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can!"

Christine from Virginia writes:

Thank you so much for such a great website. I have been a member for only 22 days now and am down almost 12 lbs.!! But it is not so much about what I have lost, it is about what I have GAINED! Confidence! Self-respect! Friends! An awesome support group!! Your site and tools are easy to use and are helping me succeed in leading the healthy lifestyle I desire. Thank you,!!

Tamara writes:

Tamara"I knew that tracking my food intake was really important if I wanted to lose weight. I found on a Google search. Not only did I find a place to log in my food, but I was surprised by all the wonderful charts and graphs and motivational tools and at such a reasonable cost too!

There is something else I found that I wasn't expecting and hadn't even realized how much I needed: The camaraderie and support of all my fellow SYDer's. message boards and blog features make it easy and safe for users to share their journey, cheer each other on, lift one another up, challenge each other, discuss the latest in books and diet/nutrition news and even agree to disagree at times.

Logging on to is like getting one big virtual {{hug}}!"