Let's go Green in 2020 Join Competition
Dot Competition (Green Only)
As many Green dots we can do to the end of 2020 year. - Compete on who tracks the most green dots.
Starts: 01/01/2020 Ends: 12/31/2020 Users: 6 of 12 Started by:

2020 kilo basher Join Competition
Weight Loss Total (kg.)
Lose the most in 2020! let's bash them kilos! - Compete on who has the highest total weight loss kilograms. You must have at least one weight entered on or before the start date of this competition to compete.
Starts: 01/01/2020 Ends: 12/31/2020 Users: 3 of 24 Started by:

Please consult your physician to determine the weight, nutrition and exercise levels that are best for you.