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Kimberly from Arlington, Virginia writes:

Kimberly " has helped me stay accountable, both to myself and to other people. I tried to lose weight one other time, using diet pills. Needless to say, that didn't work out in the long run, and I gained the weight back and then some. The biggest difference between "this" time and "back then" is that I stayed accountable to myself, using the tools at SYD. This time, I didn't try to "get away with" having the worst foods I could while still losing weight. Instead, my whole lifestyle has changed, and I don't even want to eat all the junk food I used to enjoy. Now, I'd much rather eat healthy, quality food for energy that I need in order to keep up with my active lifestyle!

The tools on SYD have kept me accountable for all the decisions I make, so I have zero desire to "cheat" anymore. SYD lets me log in and track my weight, meals, water, exercise, vitamins, measurements, and a whole host of other things anytime, day or night. I love all the charts and graphs, which allow me to see my progress and figure out where things are going well and where I could improve. These things have been important for keeping me on-track…but the community has been invaluable in their commitment to helping me succeed.

I started SYD on April 25, 2010, and upgraded to the "deluxe" membership on April 29th because I was in love with all the tools and wanted more. It wasn't until after I moved from Wisconsin to Virginia, for school, that I got involved with the online community. I don't like talking about weight loss in-person, but talking about it with "strangers" online didn't bother me, and I was instantly comfortable talking to all the people who were facing their own journeys. I was soon hooked on "logging and blogging" and involved in the message boards daily. The community soon turned into real friends, not just online strangers. That's when my weight loss really took off. All the tools and people were there for me at the perfect time for me to be successful. I was able to lose nearly 20 pounds in the SYD Biggest Loser competition that ran from January to April 2011, and I reached my goal of being below 140 on April 29, 2011...coincidentally, exactly one year after starting my deluxe membership.

I continue to use the SYD tools as I learn to maintain my weight loss of 75 pounds, and I've recommended the site to several "real life" friends, a couple of whom have also signed up and gotten hooked. With the help of the SYD tools (and continued improvements from the incredibly responsive staff!) and support from the community, I forsee no problems maintaining my weight and active lifestyle indefinitely! Thank you, SYD, for helping me to achieve and maintain a life I LOVE!!!"

Shannon from Penticton (BC, Canada) writes:

"I decided to look back through my blogs to see just how far I've come! As I did such, I received a HUGE eye opener ... my first blog (September 20, 2009) noted a starting weight of 174.2 lbs. Hmm, not bad - I wonder how I was doing a year later. September 20, 2010 had a weight of 185.6 lbs - whoops! I had gained 10.4 lbs! Sure, I could chalk it up to busy work, family issues ... but seriously? OK - no biggie ... let's see where I am today, May 9, 2011 ... 195.2 lbs. OMG - I am quickly becoming mortified! I joined this website to LOSE weight, not gain 20 lbs in 20 months! However, instead of being drawn back and discouraged, I am putting on my gym clothes for an intense strength and cardio session ... followed by a trip to the grocery store for a cart full of clean eats! I AM motivated and WILL succeed. Even though I am yet to be fully successful, even with the use of SYD, it has been a large help in gaining a group of supporters and friends. The changes that are made to SYD tracking, etc. will make it even easier to make my goal! You will see my success pictures uploaded to the Photo Gallery - this I can assure you! I will succeed with the help and motivation of my fellow SYD-ers! "