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New Feature: 100 Days of Weight Loss Development Team

We have integrated Linda Spangle's 100 Days of Weight Loss program into Under the Community menu, there is now a link called "100 Days". In this new section, you'll find an index of all 100 days. Upon entering a day, you'll be able to view that day's lesson & daily tasks, and you'll be able to check off tasks as you complete them.

Currently, the 100 days is setup to coincide with you the length of your diet. For example: if your diet is 10 days long, the program will only let you see up to day 10. However, we will be adding a system that lets you go at your own pace in the near future.

  Carter Replied:

Absolutely fantastic. I was just telling my husband how nicely this site has developed since I joined more than a year and a half ago. Bravo!

  Linda Spangle Replied:

I am so happy to be partnering with this website, and making the content of my book "100 Days of Weight Loss" available to all of you. This book has already helped thousands of dieters be successful with reaching their goals. I'm confident that many of you will find this same great success in your weight-loss journey!
Linda Spangle, author of "100 Days of Weight Loss"

  Karen Replied:

Thanks so much for doing this. I certainly will be going through it again, and anyone who wants to at any time can! Thanks!

  Kate C Replied:

This is a great new addition to the website. Thank you so much!

  Mags Replied:

What a great addition to the website! Way cool! Thanks!

  Shari (CE) Replied:

SYD Rocks!!!!

  Brenda Replied:

What a wonderful idea! I'll definately be going through the 100 day book along with this new feature. Thanks so much!

  Cindy H. Replied:

I noticed this as soon as I logged in ... HOW COOL IS THIS! Thanks!

  Shirley Replied:

This addition is absolutely wonderful!! Thanks so much!!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Wonderful! Thank you. Am awaiting for the feature when you set when you can start from day 1.

  Eileen Replied:

The development team for SYD has to be the most responsive creative bunch ever. Thanks for this new feature. I'll wait until my"own pace" becomes available to actually use it. Thanks so much - what a great tool and thanks to Linda for the partnership. Development Team Replied:

At the bottom of the 100 days index screen, there is now an option to open up new days as you complete previous days. This will allow you to go through each day at your own pace.

  GiGi Replied:

I need to finish about 32 more days of this particular journey...on my own...I got lost in the busy shuffle in October. BUT, I'm back on track with my daily lessons! This is a very helpful feature.

I am going to start off the New Year going through this book again...

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  Anonymous Replied:

I have heard a lot of people talking about this and I had no clue on what there talking about so I'm going to go check it out, I will get back to ya lol.

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  Anonymous Replied:

I love this! I'm blogging each day according to each days "assignment" I love it!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Already on day three this is keeping me focused. Thanks for your help, Linda.

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  Anonymous Replied:

OK I have been doing this for a few days now. not bad. even tho the holidays are upon us. i' m still aware of what I'm doing now. Thanks Linda

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  Anonymous Replied:

I'm thoroughly enjoying this feature. It keeps me motivated and helps me stay on track. Thank you!

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