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Day 93 - 20 year plan

Shari (CE)

We have many daily routines that we do without even thinking about them, like brushing your teeth, taking a shower etc. You can also create a regular routine for managing your weight. Start planning your daily actions for the coming week, including how you'll eat, exercise, and take care of your emotional needs. Then turn this plan into a long-term blueprint that you can follow every day of your life.

My 20 year plan - What types of things can you see your self doing consistently for 20 years or longer. With the following exercise, first determine your answers for each section, and then combine them into a lasting plan for daily life.

What can I do for the next 20 years?
Make a list of seven items that you'll keep in your eating plan for the next 20 years. Include ways you'll manage your food intake, make healthier choices, and handle life challenges around eating. Use general guide lines such as low fat foods, monitor portions and listen to your levels of hunger and fullness.

1). Favorite foods
Choose 3 of your favorite foods. Then using the concept of smaller amounts, less often, decide how you'll plan these foods into your program, not out of it.

2). Exercise
Decide on the amount of exercise you plan to do regularly. Add a few goals that will help you become stronger or more physically fit. How will you stick to this plan?

3). Barriers
List any potential barriers such as stress or emotional eating that might keep you from being able to maintain your success. How will you handle these barriers so they won't sabotage your efforts?
Crises management
Come up with an action plan you can use immediately if you begin gaining weight. Determine your red flags, such as hitting a certain weight on the scale or not fitting into your favorite pair of jeans. Any time these red flags go up, set your crisis plan into action.
Keep this information in your notebook as your 20 year plan.

Have a great day!!!

  Shari (CE) Replied:

Favorite foods:
It is not my favorite foods that cause me harm. It is being put in unplanned situations that get me every time. I will over eat any food not just my favorites.

I am to a point where I like going to the gym so I don't see any problem in this area for now. If I can't get to the gym I have things I can do at home.

My main Barriers are lack of planning and emotional eating. I have found that if I plan ahead I can handle my emotions without food. I am a work in progress.

I will continue to weigh myself regularly and a weight gain will be my "red flag" along with how my clothes fit.
I am committed to succeed this time =]

  Karen Replied:

Five facets of my plan:

1. What will I keep in my eating plan for the next 20 years? eating less beef, more fish, an appropriate healthy number of carbs, fats, and grams of protein, and I will drink my water, and have treats when they are special.

2. My three favorite foods and my plan for managing them. Hard to pick three--but carrot cake, fried chicken, peanut butter. As far as managing them, I will have carrot cake once in a great while, but I will have a partial slice. Fried chicken-maybe I will eat a good piece of fried breast every couple of months, and peanut butter, well, I will avoid it until I can find a way to control the portions.

3. Exercise-I will exercise at least 20-30 minutes a minimum of four days a week.

4. Barriers-how I will deal with stress or emotional eating or traveling? I will remember that if it's due to stress that I understand now that when I eat better I feel better, and that makes my stress less. When traveling, I will remember to limit my portions, and have dessert sparingly.

5. Crisis Management-What if my weight heads the other way? I will continue to cull out of my closet the next bigger size as I move downward. When my pants get too tight, I know it's time to lose weight. I refuse to buy larger clothes again. I refuse to let my weight get any more than the ten pound mark above where I currently am. That will be my BRIGHT RED FLAG. When I get to my goal of 178, I have decided that number will be 185. At 185, I will drop back and get it down back to my goal weight.

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  Anonymous Replied:

1. Popcorn, wine, cheese. If I am judicious about amounts, I can enjoy all three.

2. Exercise - I love to swim and find the pool a joy. Walking the dogs is a must. I bicycle everywhere until snow and ice stop me, then it's by foot. This isn't a challenge.

3. Barriers - Secretive bingeing. If I don't BUY it, it isn't available!! My plan calls for 125-140 for weight. So once I get under 140, I need to stay there.

20 years puts me close to 80....May I live that long.

  Sharon VA Replied:

20 years ?!?!
I gotta think on this a little more....

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  Anonymous Replied:

Are you still on your 20yr plan?

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