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What do we do after the 100 Days?


Is there interest in doing another book? I posted this on another board but it got quickly moved down the page and not seen, I think. Five people have indicated interest.

I'm proposing a book titled "The Emotional Eater's Book of Inspiration" by Debbie Danowski. It can be purchased shipped at for $8 and has 90 separate passages in it (each one could be a "day) or if you have one for consideration, please list it. Below is a link to view an excerpt. The number 2 passage is really good, I think. I have the book and have pretty much read through it, and it's like 100 days...very practical and helpful. Your thoughts? Also, do we want to continue on with this through the holidays, OR all get it and start on Jan. 1? We could go back through and do our favorites of the 100 days until January 1??? Link is below to a passage from it from the Danowski book.

  Brenda Replied:

I think waiting for January is best. We are all so busy during the holidays and we'll be looking for something like this after all the hustle and bustle...and eating is over. But then, I really don't have room to talk since I petered out on the 100 days book early one. I would buy this book though and try to do better with it. New Year's resolution maybe?

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  Anonymous Replied:

I like the idea of waiting until January 1 for another go. I'm up for a redo of LS's book, or to delve into Danowski's.

  Kelly (aka Kelza) Replied:

I would be for starting the 100 days on Jan 1.

  Karen Replied:

Sounds like Jan 1 is the consensus so far. Are we game to do the Danowski book? That way, anyone who wanted it could request it for Christmas!

I'm up for listing one of our favorite 100 days book from the end of our Linda's 100 days through January 1. I will do a few days of it, and what it meant to me, and anyone else who wants to can pick one and do it. What do you think? Maybe if we just do one of our favorite days every two to three keep the concepts of the 100 days fresh in our minds.

  Shari (CE) Replied:

I like the idea of waiting until January 1. I will pitch in and post my favorite lessons learned from the 100 day book until then. Thank you Karen for keeping the momentum going ((smile))

  Sharon VA Replied:

I am all for starting Jan.1. I haven't checked the link yet, but after Bonnie mentioned, "delving into Danowski", how can I argue?

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  Anonymous Replied:

I am in for whenever we start Danowski's book. I have ordered mine already since I figured if you mentioned it, it would be a good read.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Delving is good, right Sharon? I'm ordering the book, and would also love to post a couple of my favorite Spangle lessons until then. How many of us will there be?

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