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Congratulations! You finished the 100 Days!

Linda Spangle

Hello to all my friends on SYD.

This is a wonderful day for so many of you. Day after day, you've read your 100 Days of Weight Loss book, thought about the lessons and pushed yourself to think through the answers to the 3 questions. Doing this work is one of the most powerful ways to change your life along with losing weight.

I have loved reading your summaries of the lessons as well as your comments. Even though I haven't been posting here much, I've adored watching this wonderful accomplishment. (As Karen mentioned, I've been recovering from a hysterectomy- I'm doing great and finally starting to feel like myself again.)

You are a really neat bunch of people, and the personal growth I've seen is phenomenal. My heart us bursting today with pride and love for all of you!

For anyone who is new to the group, you can still do the 100 Days Challenge with the book. Just go to the beginning of the posts for this section and use the summaries and comments to boost your daily efforts with your weight-management goals. The same thing is true if you want to do the 100 Days book again. It's a great way to reinforce the learning you've done over the past three months.

I plan to participate in the SYD boards a lot more in the future. If you have any specific areas you'd like me to address, please let me know in your comments.

Congratulations again! You are a phenomenal inspiration to all of us!!!

Jazzed beyond belief, Linda Spangle

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  Anonymous Replied:

I'm so glad you are recuperating. That is a difficult surgery to wrap your mind around. Mine happened in my early 30s. Thank you so much for this inspirational book. I am now going to go through it privately. Karen is a wonderful coach and cheerleader combined. And you are my guru. I'm grateful.

  Karen Replied:

I did the 100 Days Challenge twice alone, then Cindy and I did it, and now SYD, and I'm on Day 65 with the church group I am working with.

I learn something every time I go through the book. There are new "gems" I add to my arsenals. The lessons taught live with me every day, from "don't even start" to "eating dessert when it's special (and NOT eating it when it's NOT)". Thank you, Linda, for BOTH of your wonderful books! This one, especially, is near and dear to my heart.

I have asked the admin here NOT to remove our 100 Day passages as it might help others along the way to see our thoughts as they pass through in the future.


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  Anonymous Replied:

Speedy recovery to you! I am 5 months post hysterectomy and feeling GREAT!! It's something that I would never ever question doing

  Sharon VA Replied:

Thank you so much for all the lessons and tools you have provided us, and the motivation too! I am glad to hear your recovery is going well. I have been through that surgery as well. It does take time to get back to full strength, but it is worth feeling better for the long term.
Thanks again for all the inspiration you give us!

  Shari (CE) Replied:

Sending wishes for a speedy recovery.
Thank you so much for the 100 days book. At first I was questioning your madness with getting to know the foods I love or thought I loved. In the end it is mind over matter =]. I learned so many things that will stay with me forever like fuel verses fillers, exercise adds up and we do not have to feed our emotions.
Thank you!!!

  GiGi Replied:

Linda, so glad it's over for you and you are on the mend. I am still working on this session to finish my 100 days...and already plan to start the New Year at day one again. I love it! Blesings and Happy Holidays to you...gigi

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  Anonymous Replied:

Congratulations! You finished the 100 Days! Since this SYD has started when you go back in time through the community you get to see how many times 100days has come and gone and how many peopole have worked this program. Now a member who has been here for quite some time is starting it again, the only diffrents is in 2018 people don't stay steadfast, they don't work the program everyday it is to the point that (distractions) have over taken there own lives and they lose focus on what is important and instead they want so many opinions that in the end they are frustrated and quit or give up or just become invisible! If you work the program it will work for you.

You can use different programs but I guarantee that they will not give you the outcome you are seeking because in 56yrs I have been on everything, every diet and done some crazy stuff on diets. just to lose weight.

Atkins diet just about killed my own mother it only took 2003 to 2007 and she had two strokes, and by 2010 my step father has prostate cancer why "MEAT" they are not meat from 200yrs ago they are Factory meats with pharmaceuticals, and antibiotics and growth hormones, GMO's. but I know nothing! Right!

The Kin diet is only 20% less in meat and it will fill you with so much oil that it will block your arteries I know that for fact I was on it for 3 yrs. I ended up gaining over 40pounds on it.

This site teaches you skills if you will let it, and it will teach you how to eat and how to work the program, how to manage your life and best of all how to live life long term to stable your diet. So your not a Roller coaster. I have read all the information, and books in only 2 months being here.

It has some good stuff! So participation in the community and the 100 Day Challenge! you might have some fun. I am gathering all the information from the past so you have a successful 100days.

Maybe just maybe you will also get A letter from "Jazzed beyond belief, Linda Spangle" if you all work together as a group and stop working alone. It takes a Group to Create working Classroom. If your doing it yourself then you have none on your side you are alone by yourself! So Hope that made since.

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