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Favorite Days from the 100 Days Book--Don't even start!


Until we start a new book on December 1, now and then, as you feel led, post your thoughts about one of your favorite passages in the 100 Days book. If you want to create a list here with a favorite you would like to talk about, go ahead!

Here's my favorite, don't even start!

Sometimes, taking the first bite of something, means that I will eventually derail my progress for an entire day or so. Maybe it's a trigger food for me, which for me means most sweets or things with a lot of carbs in them. It's far easier for me if I just say, "Don't even start!"

One bite won't be enough, two bites won't be enough. Also, I have just lessened my resolve for the day to stay on the narrow road. I am just better off to: Don't even start!

Whatever phrase you choose to use, run it through your head until it pops up naturally. Repeat it to yourself as you walk away from the tempting food item and congratulate yourself on your success! Don't even start!

So, remember when you see that item whether it be pizza, cookies, hot rolls, whatever it is...Don't even start!

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  Anonymous Replied:

I didn't participate officially in the 100 days discussion but I did read the summaries each day. This is the one that stuck with me well, I think that a lot, just don't even start with whatever I know will cause problems (chocolate.....)

  Shari (CE) Replied:

I also liked this lesson however I found that because I eat fast I have the tendency to eat more. So I would over eat anything not just the foods I love. I wouldn't pause to see if I was full, I just kept eating until all the sudden I was uncomfortable.
Now, I found that if I use portion control I can eat the foods I love. (In a controlled unemotional environment) (((smile)))
My wellness coach posted this on the board last week "If we don't give ourselves permission to enjoy the foods we love, we will rely on instinct to get them" or something like that.
I could almost write my own book on how much I learned about myself from going through the 100 day book. I was a hot mess....hee hee

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  Anonymous Replied:

This is so true. As soon as I allow myself sugar, my willpower flies out the window. It's no use questioning, "why did I do that?" I've never understoon the "why." The only way for me, is "Don't even start!"

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