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Shari (CE)

You are not a human garbage disposal.
"From the Emotional Eater's Book of Inspiration by Debbie Danowski, PHD"

Have you ever used the excuse "I can't let it go to waste" , I have used it lots of times but not anymore. I no longer treat my body like a human garbage disposal and having this lesson today is a good reminder because there are all kinds of "human trash" aka "sweet treats" or "fillers" in my work area today. I am not a human garbage disposal so I left the area.

I think it is normal to have some sweet treats but be reasonable. One cookie here and some chips & dip there can add up quickly. Know your limit.

If you are feeling biological hunger use fuel not fillers and your body will thank you. Today Debbie wants us to get to know how hunger feels to you. Does your tummy grumble, do you get light headed? The point is to get to know when it is real hunger or emotional hunger. We should not feed emotional hunger.

Be aware of what and why you are eating and instead of being a human garbage disposal you will become a healthy and strong human being.

Have a great Day!!!

  Brenda Replied:

This is a great message for me now. It opened my eyes to something that I've started doing again. Cleaning plates..and not down the garbage disposal, my mouth! Like yesterday Gracie didn't touch her I ate it. And this morning, RIchard didn't eat all his pancake...guess who did? If RIchard can have have such willpower as to leave part of his pancake uneaten, then why can't I?

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  Anonymous Replied:

not feed emotional hunger.. that is definately what I need to hear right now.....

  Cindy H. Replied:

We need to start saying "I can't let it go to WAIST!!" (Or hips or thighs either!)

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  Anonymous Replied:

I know the feeling...then someone once told me, the food is already paid for, so it doesn't matter if you eat it or not. It isn't going to help you ANY if don't need it and you eat it! So...the penny pincher that I am, I realized I really didn't need to EAT it ALL...whether it was in the trash or my stomach it all cost the same!

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