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Day 1

Even if I've failed before, and I have, this time will be different. I am thinking of the future not the past.

  then Lyn Replied:


  Brenda Replied:

You're wanting to lose weight for a great reason.

  Sharon VA Replied:

Good for you!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Was I supposed to start yesterday, or is there still a group starting on the 1st?

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  Anonymous Replied:

Ok Swanson, you say this time will be different. Tell me at least two things you are going to do to make sure this time is different. Then I am going to keep checking on you to make sure you are.

  Sharon VA Replied:

Yeah, we are still starting on the 1st, but some folks wanted to get going sooner, that's o.k. We all need to do whatever works for us as individuals, right?
We will still be starting the 100 Days again on the 1st. Here's to the new year!

  Karen Replied:

Just two days away...

Are folks going to volunteer to lead the discussion, or are we just all gonna chime in with our thoughts. We could copy and paste the passage from the 100 days part of SYD here, and then all comment on it? Or maybe that's not necessary since the passages are on the site here in their entirety.

I copied and pasted from Linda Spangle's post (in purple) below where to find the supplementary materials for the 100 days. A couple of them NEED to be completed BEFORE commencing the 100 day program. Here is that paragraph from her with that info:

You are also invited to download a set of free support material to go with the lessons. This includes a printable journal where you can record your answers to the daily assignments. Just go to this site: and enter the secret code which is "then do it."

The link is below directly to the signup page, and the blank shows for the code: just do it.

Then the links will come in email to you for the supplementary materials.

Here is a link to one of them that would help you to have done before you begin day 1:

  Kelly (aka Kelza) Replied:

Thanks Karen! I'm definitely in for it this time. I just got engaged and want to lose this weight for good already!! Count me in!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Thanks Karen.
Looking forward to the 1st. I am presently on Day 19, but I could use the refresher and the materials.

  Sharon VA Replied:

I still have my printed out sheets from last time. It will be interesting to reread my previous thoughts and see how my attitudes have/have not changed.

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