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Day 1 of 100--I The beginning--I used to be that way, but now I'm different!


Greetings, I will get Day 1 rolling today. It worked well last time if people wanted to volunteer to summarize a "day", and I kept a running list of upcoming days. If the group here "chooses" to go the members summarizing days, will someone volunteer to keep up the list of who will summarize each day and when?

Also, I put a link below to the ONE exercise that accompanies the book that I think should be done today to set the stage for the coming 100 days. It really gets you to thinking about your commitment and planning for success in the 100 days. We started the 100 days here at SYD on August 1 and ended in early December. I really stayed after it during the 100 days and lost 20 pounds during the "days." I have been through the book several times, but this last time, doing it with the group, and DOING the mental and blogging exercise for each day, it really had a bigger impact, so that's what helped it work for me. I will summarize day 1. Please discuss amongst yourselves and decide if this one will be member led each day or just a free-flow of thoughts each day. Whatever works best for the gang...after today, I will just put my 2 cents in here and there. Best wishes for a WONDERFUL healthier year 2009!

Day 1--I used to be that way

This time you really want to stay on your weight-loss plan and reach your goal. But deep inside, you may fear you haven't changed at all, and maybe that you won't even make it the 100 days. You may be thinking of past failures, and how excited you were to start and how motivated. But in a few days or weeks, life happens and you slip up and hey you have blown it for a day...and eventually you quit your plan.


Your past DOES NOT determine your future. Starting TODAY, eliminate the belief that you never reach your goals. When those doubts creep in, remind yourself:

I used to be that way, but NOW I am different.

This helps you ignore what you have done before, and changes your outlook on the future. Because YOU ARE different now, you can do ANYTHING!

Today's exercise:
Make a list of any fears or negative behaviors that have hurt your weight loss efforts in the past. Read each one out loud and then say after each one, I used to be that way but now I am different!

Write new endings for them by completing sentences:
I used to ___________________ but now I ____________________.

Karen's note: for me, each time these change, reflective of how far I have come. But I am NOT THERE yet. But 2009 has the promise of me finally getting there after working on losing this 140 pounds for three years! Best wishes to everyone!

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  Anonymous Replied:

I used to "need" a glass of wine and a hunk of cheese while preparing dinner each evening.

Now I brew a cup of one of my favorite teas and sip it while cooking.

  Karen Replied:

--I used to lose weight for awhile, then stop, and gain it back, BUT NOW I have not given up in three years and I am 102 pounds lighter and continuing onward to even better health.

--I used to eat fried food, drink regular cokes, and eat many unhealthy things, BUT NOW I read labels and make healthy food choices, rarely drink a carbonated drink, and eat healthier.

--I used to take a calendar and plot and plan weight loss and give up the first time I didn't lose or blew it for a day or two, BUT NOW I understand that my body has its own timing, and that now and then I will have pauses where I don't eat as healthy as I should, and I never give up and I continue onward and downward to better health.

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  Anonymous Replied:

i used to give up my diet if i blew it at one meal but now i wont, i understand if i slip up once there is always a new chance at very next meal

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  Anonymous Replied:

1. I used to get bored or distracted easily while trying to be healthy but now I'll reach out for support when I am struggling. This isn't just a do it until you reach your goal plan. This is a for the rest of your life plan.

2. I used to just say screw it and eat out but now I'll not waste the money that I have spent on recipe books and magazine and actually use them to cook healthy and tasty meals at home.

3. I used to be overwhelmed with everything but myself but now I will attempt to prioritize things in my life. This includes ME!

4. I used to think do it later but now I'll just think DO IT NOW.

I tried the 100 days challenge last time and made it to about 1/4 way through. I am determined to really throw myself into this challenge this time. I am betting myself that I can do this.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Karen, thanks for getting us started.

I used to drink a lot of diet pepsi but now I drink a lot of water

I used to eat chocolate every day but now I have it occasionally

I used to tell myself that it's okay to go off my eating plan for a day because tomorrow is a new day but now I tell myself that I need to make every day count - even if I have a bad meal - the next meal doesn't have to be bad too.

  Gwen Replied:

I used to eat for comfort and not stop when I was full. Now I am going to eat more slowly adn give my stomach a chance to register that it is getting full. NOW I am going for a whole long row of green dots!

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  Anonymous Replied:

I used to fear failure but now I am looking forward to success.

I used to buy candy or sweets saying a little won't hurt, but now I don't want candy because losing wt. is more important to me.

I used to think I could start tomorrow, but now I know there is just this moment of today.

  Cindy H. Replied:

I USED to grab food in a hurry and never planned for meals. NOW I plan my day and realize that I need to "fuel" my body so it will perform at it's best for me.

I USED to stay so busy doing other things that I never found time for exercise. NOW I MAKE time for exercise because I feel so much better when I do.

Now I understand that this is a lifestyle choice and that I am happier, more self confident and feel more in control because I'm making the effort to be healthy. 2009 is the year I'm going to get to my maintenance weight. No excuses and no denial!!

  Carter Replied:

My approach to the book/program is to not focus on just weight loss, but also lifestyle and any personal improvement issue I want to work on. I've had disordered eating in my past, but I don't know that my circumstance has dieting failure at it's core. Well, actually there still is disordered eating going on when I'm sneaking food or filling up to feel better. i just haven't found myself with a lot of additional weight because of the dysfunction just yet. I don't want to find myself in a situation as I get older feeling the need to diet because I gained too much weight. This is a preventative measure I'm taking here, as well as one of vanity. My posts here will remain diet/health related.

So, my fears are that...
I won't keep up with any sort of exercise regime
I will sneak food and lie about it by not mentioning it
I will continue to feel like a glass of wine is necessary to prepare dinner
I will continue to lie to myself about how big a glass of wine should be
I will continue to take an all or nothing approach to eating and exercise, giving up if I don't do what I set out to do perfectly

My new statements:
I used to not keep up with any exercise regime, but now I plan for this special time and take advantage of the gift I have to be physically fit.
I used to sneak food and lie about it by not mentioning it, but now I only eat what I am not ashamed to talk about with others.
I used to feel like a glass of wine was necessary to prepare dinner, but now I wait until the meal to enjoy the beautiful wines I'm lucky enough to have.
I used to lie to myself about how big a glass of wine should be, but now I am more conscious of what a serving of wine is, and I stick to it.
I used to take an all or nothing approach to eating and exercise, and would give up if I didn't do everything I planned perfectly, but now I understand I'm human, mistakes will be made, but I can forgive and reach out for support to get back on plan.

  Shari (CE) Replied:

I used to eat junk food but now I give my body healthy fuel.
I used to think I could skip a meal instead of exercising but now I know how good exercising makes me feel.
I used to eat out to often but now I make healthy meals at home.
I used to put everyone else's needs before my own but now I put my needs first because I am important too.
I used to think a diet was temporary but now I know that a healthy lifestyle is forever and I accept that.

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  Anonymous Replied:

I used to drive through Wendy's after a long day at work, now I'm going to plan a healthy snack so I have energy to make it to the gym and to drive past Wendy's.

I used to beat myself up for my weight, now I'm going to stay positive and on track by taking one day at a time!

  Sharon VA Replied:

1. I used to start preparing healthy foods but would quit because it took too much time. Now I am going to plan food prep as part of my schedule.
2. I used to start an exercise program and come up with all kinds of reasons to avoid doing it on any given day. Now I will consider exercise as part of my normal routine.
3. I used to turn to food for comfort when I got stressed out. Now I will tackle the causes of my stress.
4. I used to scream to the world, "I can do it myself!" Now I will have the wisdom to turn to my friends here and ask for help when I need it.

  Kelly (aka Kelza) Replied:

The day is almost over, but I did manage to get the first day done. I am going to keep track in my blog so my fears and negative behaviors are written there for anyone interested in reading.

I found the proces itself really easy once I got started. I'm sure I could have thought of many more, but thought I'd keep it simple for now so I can keep on rolling.

Thanks Karen for getting us started today!

  kc Replied:

I used to think I can never lose weight, now I know I can and I am!

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