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100 Days of Weight Loss Group Plan

I will be glad to volunteer as a ringleader for this 100 Days of Weight Loss group. It works quite well if someone takes a day to do the summary and starts us off each morning. If you take a day and end up a bit too busy to post, I can put it in during the afternoon (or anyone else is welcome to after about 1:00 Eastern U.S.). I hope you all will jump in and get involved. This is a superb program which can reap great results in many areas of life.

Here are the next 20 days. Please reply with a day or two that you are willing to start off with a summary. Tital your posts with the Day # and topic. Give a summary and your personal take on the lesson. The end the post with our assignment.

DAYS 1 -10 Set up for Success

Day 2 Interested or committed (Friday, January 2) KAREN (the chili pepper)
Day 3 Do it anyway (Saturday, January 3) AMY
Day 4 Boundaries, not diets (Sunday, January 4)
Day 5 Magic notebook (Monday, January 5) CHRISTINE (apple)
Day 6 Protect your program (Tuesday, January 6) KELZA
Day 7 I can do it! (Wednesday, January 7) SHARON
Day 8 Help me, please… (Thursday, January
Day 9 Here's what I want (Friday, January 9) CARTER
Day 10 Appreciate good support (Saturday, January 10)

[DAYS 11 - 20 Put Food in its Place]

Day 11 Two purposes of food (Sunday, January 11)
Day 12 Fuel or filler (Monday, January 12) BONNIE (bumble bea)
Day 13 Oops, I forgot to eat! (Tuesday, January 13)
Day 14 Morning affects evening (Wednesday, January 14) SHARON
Day 15 First two bites (Thursday, January 15) JoANN
Day 16 Nurturing power of food (Friday, January 16) KELZA
Day 17 Stop wasting food (Saturday, January 17) KAREN (the chili pepper)
Day 18 Retrain eating patterns (Sunday, January 1 CHRISTINE (apple)
Day 19 Eat reasonable amounts (Monday, January 19) CARTER
Day 20 Half-off special (Tuesday, January 20) JoANN

  Karen Replied:

I will volunteer for Days 2 and 17. Thanks for doing this, Bonnie!

  Gwen Replied:

I'm keen to help but don't think I can do a summary because my timing is different to most folks. I can record the day's progress or otherwise and most of you are still at lunch.

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  Anonymous Replied:

I will do 3. That has been a big one for me with exercising.

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  Anonymous Replied:

I can do day 5 and day 18

  Sharon VA Replied:

Put me down for Jan. 7 and all the multiples of 7 after that. It makes it easy for me to remember! I am going for the lucky 7 this time.
Thanks for being our ringleader!

  Carter Replied:

I can do day 9 and 19.

  Kelly (aka Kelza) Replied:

I can take the 6th and, like Sharon, the dates with 6 in them.

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  Anonymous Replied:

I can do:

Day 15 First two bites (Thursday, January 15)
Day 20 Half off special (Jan.20 Tues.)

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  Anonymous Replied:

Now! look at how this person volleentierd to help work out the schedul so everyone can help and pertisipate in the program this is TEAM WORK! it takes everyone to join in and make this 100Days not just one or three people who have been the main people Bring back the people who created this program and lets see how far they have gotten in the program lets hear their storys and progress. Let them help you to lose that weight because they have some GREAT ideas that the Future has Not Learned by themselves. it takes all ages, all races and all people to make a world. Remember that so be part of the group so it can run smoothly. Even one can off set a company and bring it down to the ground. so lets not waste the time this year in 2018. P.s. this was created 4 yrs ago. 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015.

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