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Sign up for Days 21 - 40

It has been such a pleasure to read everyone's summaries and comments on these first 13 days. Here is your chance to jump in on the next 20.

DAYS 21-30 Conscious eating

Day 21 Eat with awareness (Wed January 21) SHARON
Day 22 Multitask with food (Thurs January 22) BONNIE
Day 23 Savoring (Fri January 23)
Day 24 Eat for satisfaction (Sat January 24) CHRISTINE (red apple)
Day 25 Small amounts, less often (Sun January 25)
Day 26 When food disappoints you (Mon January 26) KELZA
Day 27 Eat dessert when it's special (Tues January 27) KAREN
Day 28 Eating because it's there (Wed January 2 SHARON
Day 29 Hand-held foods (Thurs January 29) TRACEY
Day 30 Postpone eating (Fri January 30) BONNIE

DAYS 31 - 40 Listen to your body

Day 31 Hunger scale (Sat January 31) SHARI
Day 32 The five-hour rule (Sun February 1) SHARI
Day 33 Fullness scale (Mon February 2) BONNIE
Day 34 Listen accurately (Tues February 3)
Day 35 The eating pause (Wed February 4) SHARON
Day 36 Slow down your eating (Thurs February 5) KELZA
Day 37 I love to eat! (Fri February 6) CHRISTINE (red apple)
Day 38 Food as power (Sat February 7) KAREN
Day 39 Flavor or texture? (Sun February SHARI
Day 40 Having an eating experience (Mon February 9) BONNIE

  Karen Replied:

I'll take Day 27 and Day 38!

  Shari (CE) Replied:

I'll take Day 31, 32 and 39 - Thanks for keeping track Bonnie =]

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  Anonymous Replied:

Any takers for days 23, 25, 34?

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  Anonymous Replied:

I really enjoy reading the summaries and the input has been really good.
I can do Day 24 and Day 37

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  Anonymous Replied:

I can do day 29.

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