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Nurturing food

Today at work, one of my coworkers announced that bagels were in the break room. I had just read the nurturing power of food, but was skeptical about eating something "yummy." I went to the break room for more coffee (so my mind told me, my stomach knew better...) and had one bite of a bagel with a little strawberry flavored creme cheese. I did feel nurtured; not only that, I felt part of the human race again, not an uncontrolled fatty that is constantly on a diet. I hope I can use control and remember food is just food, and I can enjoy a bite of something yummy....and count it towards my overall carbs, or whatever, for that day.

  Gwen Replied:

I think you did very well! Good for you.

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  Anonymous Replied:

I knew when I joined here last year that if I denied myself of the things I loved I would totally blow it one day and overeat and pig out and then maybe just give up. So I incorporated my favorites in my meals, I ate pizza, I drank beer, etc, but all in moderation...smaller portions, plus just added more veggies, fruit and water to keep me full. I lost 50 pounds by just keeping count, but not denying myself the things I really wanted. My only tip is if you KNOW you cannot control yourself with a certain food then I think I might stay away from that for awhile.

  Cindy H. Replied:

Have you seen that commercial where they send out the e-mail that there is pizza in the conference room and there is a mass exodus of workers for the conference room. When they get there it's a dried up piece of pizza left and they all walk away dejected. It cracks me up. We call our food area "the trough" which tells you a little about the newsroom!

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