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A serving size on a package is not a joke

Cindy H.

Day 50 of 90: Emotional Eater's Book of Inspiration by Debbie Danowski:

When is the last time you ate the suggested portion outlined on a food package? Serving sizes on packages were established as a realistic guideline for healthful eating.

Following these suggestions sometimes brings up a lot of emotions. At first we feel angry. Who has the right to tell us what to do? Then we feel fear. If we eat the recommended amount we are afraid we will feel hungry. Maybe even sadness. So little? Why do we have to limit our foods?

As an emotional eater you will have strong feelings about being asked to limit food intake. Food has served as your solace, best friend, even escape for years.

The challenge is to find another way to comfort yourself. (read, write, take a bath, take a walk etc.) You will need to find the ones that work for you. By nurturing yourself in other ways, you begin to put food in its proper place, as a means of nourishing yourself, not as a means of emotional solace.

Today, make an attempt to follow the serving sizes on packages, then jot down your feelings. Remember you can't choose your feelings, but you can choose your actions.

  Cindy H. Replied:

I don't think I've ever felt angry ... but I have stood there in disbelief and said, A serving is WHAT? And then promptly gone on to eat what I want to eat.

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  Anonymous Replied:

It's good to log the actual amount eaten. When we eat 2 servings - it's best that we be honest with ourselves and log 2 servings. That way we can see on here how much we ate - and realize how portion control affects us.

  Shari (CE) Replied:

It was shocking at first to start using portion control especially with pasta and rice. Needless to say I love them both.
I posted a Flat Belly recipe for Broccoli, Cherry Tomato, and Pesto Pasta Salad on this site. It was the first recipe that I consciously measured out the pasta and it seemed like why bother adding the pasta but it was delicious and filling. Now I use pasta, rice and occasionally meat as a side dish to a vegetable meal.
Thanks for the summary Cindy =]

  Karen Replied:

I don't really get angry, but whoever thought a serving of ice cream was 1/2 cup was delusional, LOL.

Food has been a friend, escape, mood elevator, for years. It's HARD to limit food after decades of abusing it. Food is nourishment, not to appease our emotions. This lesson went hand in hand with Linda's lesson today!

  GiGi Replied:

As a diabetic, I am encouraged to eat nuts as a snack
FYI: This is what constitutes a single serving for the following and I follow it exactly! I just nibble them to make them last!

10 whole Peanuts
2 whole Walnuts
6 whole Almonds

I weigh and measure everything!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Here's a funny portion control item.....

I've told my beautiful husband.......MANY times....if you must have ice cream...why not get bars or single serving containers?
Well.....he can't do that for some reason but.....I was in the store with my 3 year old who wanted "ice crean" so I got her some. My hubby was sad to find that Ben and Jerry's actually makes tiny little single serving sizes. PERFECT for Hannah!!!! They are 250 calories....which she can afford at 27lbs and 3 years old......and.....they are only a buck a piece! POOR HUBBY.

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