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TIME TO GET OUTRAGEOUS! Linda's Weight Loss Moment Newsletter was so good today!


The Newsletter was so good that I just had to share it. If you don't get her email newsletter, it comes once a week and you can see the other issues at the link in this message...

Here's her weekly newsletter that came out today!

Great idea: This can be the year you make it!

It's happened before. Every year you make all kinds of wonderful resolutions. But if you're like a lot of people, somehow they never quite happen. In spite of your good intentions, your weight is still up, you're not exercising regularly, and you're still eating ice cream every night.

If you're tired of being stuck in your old patterns and not making progress, it's time for a new approach!

Get outrageous!

Outrageous is simply this: Doing what you've said you were going to do, but didn't do.

Examples of being outrageous include:

reaching your goal weight (wouldn't that be outrageous!)
maintaining your goal weight for a year (that would be even more outrageous!)
becoming consistent with your exercise plan
improving relationships (partner, spouse, friends, kids)
mastering a skill or a challenge such as a new software program
changing jobs or pursuing a new career, going back to school
learning how to do yoga or Pilates

Outrageous goes way beyond goal setting. Instead of being tedious and boring, outrageous generates excitement, determination and power! It becomes a driving force that moves you forward toward accomplishing major changes in your life.

Getting started

Living outrageously requires that you stop making excuses for your negative behaviors or lack of progress. Instead, you figure out how to get strong in your life and make things happen.

Are you ready to become outrageous? Start by taking a deep breath. Then find a tiny spark of determination, a flash of hope, and a fresh vision for your future. Get ready to shake things up and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Three steps to becoming outrageous

1. Make an outrageous list

If you were truly outrageous, what would you do? Create a list of all the things you've wanted to do for a long time but haven't accomplished or made much progress on. In addition to topics such as weight loss and exercise, include areas such as health, career, relationships and even hobbies.

Perhaps you've lost some weight this year, but didn't stick with your program long enough to reach your goal. Or maybe you slid back into old habits that kept you from maintaining your weight. Decide what would be an outrageous way to change your patterns, and be successful in these areas.

Notice the energy and excitement that happens as you make your list. It's almost as though you can generate motivation just by picturing yourself being outrageous!

2. Start immediately

Do at least one outrageous thing today, just for practice.
Make it simple, such as staying out of the break room at work, or eating an apple for lunch. Enthusiastically commend yourself when you complete it. Then use your outrageous determination to start making progress toward your big outrageous items.

3. Stay outrageous!

Figure out how to sustain your new attitude long term. Work on your outrageous program! Do the learning that's required, push yourself where you're uncomfortable.
Outrageous doesn't allow you any slack. Instead, you have to get off your couch, and move yourself forward, over and over.

Plan that you'll use the theme of being outrageous for the entire next year. Track your progress and monitor the areas where you tend to slip up. Then challenge yourself to stay outrageous instead of giving in.

Make this a year of phenomenal progress, simply by being OUTRAGEOUS!

Next week, watch for more ideas on how to sustain your outrageous plan during 2009.

Know others who've got a minute? Forward this ezine and brighten their day.

If you like, click 'Reply' and send me your outrageous list.

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  Cindy H. Replied:

This IS the year I'm going to reach my maintenance weight ... and my outrageous action is that I joined a fitness gym and worked out today. And I'm going to do that 3 times a week, plus cardio at home on the off days. I WILL reach my goal this year.

  Karen Replied:

Cindy, me, too! I want to GET THERE!
WE CAN do this!

  Gwen Replied:

This email just arrived in my mail box and I feel I all reved up by it. I want to take 24 hours to work on what I think is outrageous for me and then go for it!!

  Sharon VA Replied:

It really would be outrageous if I made my goals each week this year.
I will work to make sure these goals are met, but approaching my Curves and walking workouts with enthusiasm.
It would be outrageous for me to crank out those crunches with Sunny and our poker friends too!
Lots of little challenges will keep things fresh and help keep the motivation going.

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  Anonymous Replied:

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This was 4yrs ago: or so!

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