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Day 5 - Magic Notebook

Day 5 - Magic Notebook
Taken from Linda Spangle's 100 Days of Weight Loss
".For many people, recording personal thoughts or actions each day provides a lot of insight. It also serves as an outlet for emotions and struggles around weight-loss efforts. If you enjoy writing, experiment with tracking your thoughts and ideas around food and eating. Feel free to write as little as one sentence or as much as several pages.

On the other hand, if you don't find it helpful to write things down, don't force yourself to do this. But do keep a notebook handy as a quick tool for jotting down ideas about managing your eating patterns"

A notebook can be a place to write down thoughts about food, this gets the thought out of our head.. We know we've written it down so we can get back to it later if we want. But by writing it down we no longer have to think about it.

My comments
I don't use a notebook for writing my thoughts about food, I've never thought of doing that before. The other day I decided I wanted to have a Wendy's cheeseburger, the thought wouldn't go out of my head - maybe if I had written it down along with the reasons that I really didn't need it, I would have stopped thinking about it. I didn't give in and have the cheeseburger but I thought about it all day. I will have to try writing it down the next time I think of food knowing I really don't need to have it even if I want it.

Today's Tasks
Whenever you think about a particular food you want, write it down in your notebook

Plan that you'll eat it at another time. If you wish, add the amount you'll have and how often you'll fit it into your program.

Stretch the times farther apart for eating this food. You may discover that after a while, certain foods don't seem as important to you as they once did.

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  Anonymous Replied:

This morning I wanted to stop at Burger King or McDonald's for breakfast but I decided that I have been doing so well that I can come home and eat cereal. I just drove by all the fast food places. In my mind it would of been the easy way out but my body say hell with that idea and let's go home to get ready for the day.
Lately I have been craving fried foods. The crispy outside and crunch and the creamy sauces that you can dip them into. Also tacos. I have been wanting tacos with cheese and sour cream. Both these recipes can be healthified so I don't have to feel like I'm cutting these items out. I am simply making healthier choices.
Sweets such as danish, donuts and ice cream I've just filtered out so now I don't even think of them. These foods really aren't that important to me anymore.
By coming on here and blogging and doing the lessons each morning and physically writing them in my journal it is helping me acknowledge what I want as a quick fix and what I am going to have as a normal functioning healthy person. I feel that I do have my "magic notebook" and the comments and encouragment lets me know tha I am not alone during this.

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  Anonymous Replied:

I love this one. I started a notebook/ journal the first time I started doing 100 days. I still write in it several times a day because it helps me to put my cravings into perspective. It helps me to NOT eat emotionally.

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  Anonymous Replied:

i have been wanting ice cream for 3 days now .. but i already chose to wait till i can get the skinny cow kind from the walmart (thing is we dont have money in the budget right now for ice cream)

  Karen Replied:

I ate a lot of what I wanted on the cruise. Between that and Christmas, it's kind of out of my system. I'm ready to move on.

I don't write a lot in a journal, instead I journal here, and my innermost private thoughts are recorded in a blogger at (and only I can view it). I tend to electronically journal instead of writing.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Good review, Christine!

I goofed on this one today! I'd been craving the left-over whipped topping on lite chocolate ice cream. I made my healthy peppers burrito with lettuce and celery, and then completely lost it!! 2 helpings of the ice cream and topping. Okay. This afternoon I kick up the exercise a notch.

I've been so successful at putting off my popcorn munchies. I need to use my notebook to DO this exercise. This may prove to be a very important one for me.

  Gwen Replied:

I've made lists of what I eat on a daily basis for a long time and it really keeps me accountable BUT I have never written what I would like to eat but will wait to do so and then make sure it is the best. So I would like a piece of brownie and think I might wait until February 14th but it has to be the right texture. It is revolutionary for me to dream about this and not have instant gratification. I will decide to have that craved for food but in a planned way, using anticipation to meet the existing need without using up calories which should be consumed in a more healthful way.

I need to understand that I am not perfect and to have boundaries rather than rules helps we slip without falling off my perch entirely. And then all this can be recorded in a way that helps me to make right choices.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Magic Note Book

I am going to keep my magic notebook with me at all times. It will be interesting to see how many foods I will have written in there that I plan on eating on a later date : )

With my magic notebook and the support of my SYD buddies I am feeling very determined and motivated.

  Shari (CE) Replied:

This site is my magic notebook. It keeps me on track =]

  Sharon VA Replied:

I am also using this site to journal, as my Magic Notebook. It really does help to write or type things out.

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  Anonymous Replied:

I wish I had my magic notebook when I ate a second piece of banana bread tonight! Luckily I still had the calories for it. I really like the journaling function on this website, I'm starting to notice that I really do eat emotionally. I was proud of myself today when I just ordered a coffee when a co-worker wanted to go to lunch. I'd already had my planned lunch and she wanted to work/talk while she ate. As teachers we rarely have work days without kids when we can go out to eat so I wanted to spend this time with her but I didn't eat. I wrote about how it felt to make the right decision and it helped me realize I wasn't hungry and didn't just need to eat to be social.

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