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No more criticism

Cindy H.

Day 71 of 90 of the Emotional Eater's Book of Inspiration:
This is the day you make a decision to completely change the way you look at yourself and your body. You are no longer allowed to criticize yourself.

Today find something beautiful about yourself and continue to do so for the next 19 days.

Your first reaction may be that you don't like any part of you, but it's important to understand that as an emotional eater or food addict, you've trained yourself ot find fault with your body.

Right now, go look in the mirror. Look deeply into your own eyes. Do you see beauty there? Look at the color, the spark. Then really look at your nose, chin, entire face. You've probably spent a lifetime finding things wrong with your face. Find at least two things you like.

Then continue down the rest of your body. Find at least four more things about your body that are beautiful. You may feel uncomfortable but that's to be expected. Every day, for the rest of the book (19 more days) find something each day that's beautiful about yourself. You may want to write it down in your planner or your notebook.

Today is the day you will begin to see yourself as the truly beautiful human being that you are.

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