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Still looking for a magic wand?

Cindy H.

Day 72 of 90: Magic wands don't work
Emotional Eater's Book of Inspiration By Debbie Danowski

From the book:
Lisa -- who had lost almost 200 pounds -- tells the author "I know you want me to wave a magic wand and have you lose all your weight but it doesn't work that way. You have to work for it."

Lisa was still overweight at 300 pounds but she acted as happy as if she were thin. She truly understood that there are no magic wands or shortcuts to achieving peace with food. Lisa knew that having sanity in her life depended on hard work. She knew that no one else could give her what she most wanted in the world -- and she became willing to give it to herself.

It's time to take an inventory of your progress so far. Have you been doing the activities in the book on a daily basis? Are you incorporating suggestions into your life? Or are you waiting for someone else to make it better for you? Are you searching for a magic wand?

Think about the choices you have made over the past 70 days. Have they been ones that will lead you to where you want to go or are you falling back into the same old patterns? What kind of results are you experiencing?

Whatever answers you come up with -- do not beat yourself up. Instead, learn from them. If you have been lax about certain things, take action. If you don't like what's happening in your life, reach out to someone who can offer guidance.

It is your job and your responsibility to make your life better. It will take hard work but understand that it will be worth it. Just ask Lisa.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Yup, I'm still searching for that magic wand!! The search has been taking me through every magazine at the Dr. Office, at the Dentists office at the Vet office – internet searches – It's a non-stop search trying almost everyday to find something new – that someone has experienced and is willing to share with me (lol) something fast - an overnight fix.
But the only thing I've found, is that – there is a lot of people in the same situation as me – learning, doing and accomplishing our weight loss goals – just one day at a time – just one year at a time…… and you know what .. It'll work if we," JUST STICK WITH IT" – and never, never give up

  Shari (CE) Replied:

I found the magic wand or what works for me ((smile)) it is exercise. I don't like to exercise but it works so I do it. There are lots of things I don't like to do but I do them for the end result. Like going to work, it's not always fun but I always get a paycheck. I don't like doing laundry but I like wearing clean clothes. I don't like ironing but I like having a crease in my pants. I know what works for me so I JUST DO IT!! and it is worth it!!

  Sharon VA Replied:

Good point Shari. I do lots of things just because they need to be done. Exercise needs to be done too.

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