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Got a little depressed...

Yesterday despite my "green dot" the day before, I gained a pound, and really got hung up on it. I thought, (as I seem to do each year) why am I bothering when I just don't see progress after the first month on a program. I got a little down, and depressed, and punished myself with a red dot day. Today I bounced up, didn't get on the scale, but put on a pair of pants I hadn't worn in a while, and didn't have to "suck it in" to button them up...AND they were even a little baggy, especially in the legs.. I know that on Jan. 1, I couldn't even get them up over my hips. So, it occured to me, that every year, I think I fail because I get hung up on the numbers on the scale. I'm going to back off weighing myself daily. Has anyone else experienced this? Especially since I don't have a digital scale, I don't even get to see ounce progresses...Plus, today I joined a weightloss program at my dr.'s office, that will design a diet especially for my body type. GO ME!!! I"m glad I just stayed in the gutter for one day!!!

  Jilly Replied:

The scale can be very frustrating. You have to work through it or as you did, put it away for awhile. Your clothes gave you a more accurate picture. Know that many of us on this site have had to deal with scale woes, but you just have to keep on keeping on! Glad that you are feeling better since trying on your pants! Definitely, Go Sarah! You CAN do this and ARE doing this! Keep up the good work!

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  Anonymous Replied:

The scale has been an issue for me in the past, sometimes after gaining weight when I expected a loss I would go off my program, someitmes I would go off for just a day, many times much longer. But now I look at other things such as How am I feeling, did I meet my goals for the day, etc.

Yesterday I went shopping for new jeans and I was able to buy a size that I haven't been able to fit in for many years - that was exiting.

I recently bought a digital scale - I like it better than the other one I had but still a scale is only a tool.

  Laura Replied:

Kate (Pink flower) and I have discussed ad nauseum about the "psychological" effects of the scale, and how to get past them. For me, if I have a super scale day, I won't always make the best decisions, because I think I have a "cushion" so to speak regarding my weight loss efforts. Success on the scale for me is detrimental to my weight loss now, because it gives me the right to cheat.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Yes! The trainers at the gym say to not weigh every day - but maybe once a week. They emphasize noticing how clothes fit - and taking measurements once/month.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Thanks ladies!!! Awww, you know the thing is, I knew that I had people to turn too. You guys. I can't turn to my husband, because his answer is always the same, "Why do you care so much, you know I think you're hot", (which is very nice ) but....this is the first year that it's not about him....This is about me! I think I gained so much this past year because he really doesn't care. We go out to eat a lot, he's always affectionate, and loving, and I'd say to myself, "I have a great husband, who adores me...why am I not good enough for me?" So, this year, with the achy joints, and the fatigue....turning thirty next year....I just have to get all this weight off my body! So THANK YOU!!!!!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Yes! Many of us feel like this! It's HARD word. It takes much longer than we expect it should. But we can do hard things!!

And we can focus on making our changes more enjoyable. What kind of exercise do you truly enjoy? What do you have in your healthful food repetoir that you actually look forward to?

Also, think about all the OTHER benefits: more energy, higher self esteem, stress relief from working out, looser clothes, better health, no more shame, depression, internal conflict over compulsive eating.

  Gwen Replied:

Yes, the scales can be a real pest but they are not the only way to measure success. We're behind you all the way because we know how it feels! You're making a lot of good moves.

  Karen Replied:

Make your peace with the scales or just don't weigh every day. Bodies have fluctuations based on things like TOM, sodium eaten, food eaten late in the day that's still inside your body. The scales is but one indicator of progress. You got a good indicator of progress with your pants fitting now. That's actually a better indicator that things are going well, rather than a number on the scales. Dr. Oz says forget the scales. Women should be working for a 32.5 inch or less waist, and for men, 35 or less. Waist is a better indicator of overall health than weight. I am still 4.5 inches from that magic 32.5 or less number. BUT, considering that my waist USED TO BE 51 (18 inches larger than the recommended number) I'm getting there!

Your last sentence says it all...the most important thing of all to remember is that we all have a bad day here or there as we are retraining years and decades of bad choices, and you just get back up, dust yourself off, and continue on.

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  Anonymous Replied:

You are so right, I haven't lost any weight in a looong time. Now I have quite keeping track but my pants fit so good and I will be tracking again soon. I have starting walking out side since the the weather is getting nicer. One day and you bounced right back that is great!!

  Sharon VA Replied:

Good for you for pulling yourself back up! Don't let a number on the scale rule your day.

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