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New book?

Cindy H.

Well, hard to believe but we've finished the 90 day book .... took us a few days more but finished! I thought there were some really good sections in that book ....

I especially like Day 7 -- If food calls your name, you don't have to answer (novel thought) and Day 2: Simple is not the same as easy. The focus on how important planning is was good, and especially Debbie's reminder that you just need to do this one day at a time .... and then the days will add up and before you know it voila! you've changed a habit, changed your life. And especially I really liked the part where she talked about False action. Thinking about losing weight isn't the same as DOING it. Thinking about taking a walk isn't taking a walk. Thinking about eating healthy foods, isn't eating healthy foods. (days 28 and 33) Weight loss is the result of healthy eating and regular exercise. Period. So quit trying to find a shortcut and get moving!

so I wonder if folks will want to do another book. I like doing them because it helps me have a task to keep me accountable. I have the book "Intiuitive Eating" by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch that I think would be a really good one to do. It has 10 principles to follow and we could do a chapter a week (rather than daily)

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  Anonymous Replied:

I'm looking forward to getting into the book finally. I'll go back through your discussions for some insight and review.

  Shari (CE) Replied:

I like the idea of weekly reviews and we can always comment now and then between reviews when stumble or find new insights. I will order the book tomorrow =]
I also find that the book readings keep me accountable =]

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  Anonymous Replied:

I'm quite keen to work through the 4 day win, by Martha Beck. It is all about giving yourself 4 days to tackle bad habits, but it might not be suitable because it deals with a lot of psychological stuff rather than the practical eating stuff. I've been meaning to do it as part of my blog, but I always get a couple of days in and lose track. Either way I am interested in participating in the next book. They do tend to keep me on track as well!

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