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day 100; we skipped so...

I'll just wrap up with 99 then! "It's Not in Here"

No matter how long you stay on your diet or maintenance plan, food will still always look good! And you'll never be completely free of the temptation to eat something when you feel stressed or upset and need nurturing and solace.

Make a sign that says "It's not in here!" Post it in an obvious place on your refrigerator. Write the same words in your notebook, and then define exactly what that means for you.
Make a sign that says "It's not in here!" Post it in an obvious place on your refrigerator. Write the same words in your notebook, and then define exactly what that means for you.
Create a list of instant resources you can go to when you're sliding toward emotional eating.

On days when the world lets you down, food will always have an appeal. It's simply quick, easy, and available, giving you an instant solution to whatever's troubling you.

To safeguard yourself from struggles with emotional eating, you've learned a lot of tricks such as placing notes on your mirror or repeating certain phrases to yourself. But here's one more way to catch yourself before you dig into the food.

"It's not in here!"

Make a sign that says, "It's not in here!" Then place it at eye level on your refrigerator or your cupboard. Whenever you start to open these doors, read the sign and remind yourself that food cannot be a solution to your emotional needs.

Then pull out all your resources for emotional coping and do something else. Instead of staring into the refrigerator at the end of the day, use healthier ways to get an "instant fix." Keep some baby carrots or celery available for when you want to chew on your boss. Maintain a good supply of your favorite teas or special diet sodas within easy reach.

Seek out the perfect music to play on those days when you're troubled or exhausted. Store it in your CD player or other device so you can hit the "play" button as soon as you get in the car or walk in your front door.

Move toward joy

While eating can certainly give you pleasure, it doesn't bring real peace or joy. After a difficult day, food won't provide the true level of nurturing and satisfaction you seek. So instead of eating to feel better, look for a solution that will actually address your real needs.

Continue to discover what works for you, then use these tricks again and again to help you manage life without reaching for food. If you weaken and you're tempted to rip open the cookies or chips, remind yourself, "What I really need isn't in here!" Then look for healthy ways to address your needs and move yourself closer to the true joy of life.

: )

Well everyone, We've made it through the 100 days. The 10 'slogans' we looked at yesterday often help us make smart choices. And as we go through the book again, it all starts working for us, and making sense.

What we really need, I believe, is self-love and self-care. Because you deserve it, and also you can then go out and serve, help, and share the love. To believe in something...whatever that is to you, that makes every day an opportunity for peace, joy, feeling good about who you are. To choose to live a healthy lifestyle (this is how I live!) And the answer is not in the fridge or the cupboard. It's in your heart, and your courage.

Congratulations, 100 days graduates!!

  Gwen Replied:

Yes, what I really need is not in the kitchen or the fridge! Absolutely not. I suspect emotional eating will always be something I have to watch as it is responsible for me putting on weight again in the past. This time I will succeed in losing and maintaining my weight because I have been learning about head and heart hunger.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Thank you, Jen. That was a superb round-up. Our Wee Gwen is definitely a showcase of success through these days with her 23-pound loss. I believe there are about 8 of us? who went through the book this session? How did others do?

I didn't do great guns with weight loss, but I was able to adopt a few wonder mantras and habits. I am taking the Emotional Eaters book with me on our travels next week.

  Shari (CE) Replied:

Healthy choices do add up!! Because I'm close to my goal I did not have much of a weight loss in the last 100 days but I did maintain and that is a big thing for me. I will never give up on my goal of being healthy. This book has changed my way of thinking about food. Food does not control me, I should not fear it. I still have foods that I need to limit and I will always have to control my portions but it is worth it, I am worth it =]
Thanks Jenjen for the summary and thank you all for sharing the last 100 days with me!!!!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Thanks everyone who was a part of this. I have learned so much between day 1 and day 100. It was also really nice to get to know some of you better as we traveled this journey together.

Bonnie thank you for organizing this and for keeping us on track.

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  Anonymous Replied:

100days 4 years ago, This is just one of the sets of information how to do the 100day program. Every group is diffrent and you can see how the people have changed in the last 4 yrs and yet this site has been going strong since 2008 10yrs. So it must work since a lot of people are still here working the program. So Join in the 100 day Challenge and Ask to help don't just let everyone do everything for you, stand up and become a Leader, a Organizer, use your Talents to help the group achieve 100 days.

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