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Day 100: This is how I live!

One of the most common themes among dieters is the phrase, "I know what to do, I just don't do it." Over the past 100 days, I hope you've come a long way from that one. But even with successful dieters, there's another problem that often happens. As time goes by, eventually they will confess, "I forgot what I know!"

Your top ten

From time to time, you need a way to remind yourself of the principles you live by. Start by selecting your absolute favorite principles from the 100 Days Program. Then choose the top ten lessons that fit best for you-the ones you want to live by long-term.

This is how I live!

Once you've chosen the guidelines you want to follow forever, you can use them as a foundation for your daily life.
List your top ten skills along with any other principles or values that you want to keep in your life long-term. You might even revise your list once in a while, pulling in a few new concepts along with the old ones. Even though you won't always follow these perfectly, at least you'll remember your lifetime goals. Ten or twenty years from now, you should be able to pull out this same list and affirm it's still true.

Yes, this is how I live!

Well, this is it! One hundred days since we started . . . whew! I've really enjoyed reading everyone's posts and ideas and strategies throughout these lessons and I feel as if I've learned a lot not only from Linda's lessons but from this group as well.
How about sharing two or three of your favorite "Days" lessons and why they make your list?

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  Anonymous Replied:

Thank you to everyone who posted over the past 100 Days. What a learning experience!
For me:
Day 4 Boundaries not Diets: taught me this is primarily about finding a new way to live and also tied in to Day 93 (another favorite) which really emphasized that whatever I choose to do to lose the weight, it has to be something I am willing to do for the rest of my life
Day 41 Motivation is a Choice: taught me not to sit around and wait for the desire to exercise to kick in . . . that if I just did it, more often than not the motivation would follow
Day 51 What is Emotional Eating: taught me if you're eating and you're not hungry you have to figure out what it is that you really want/need.

  Sharon VA Replied:

The three lessons that sum it up for me:
Day 3 - Do it anyway! This is a biggie for me. I am easily discouraged, and sluggish by nature. I have worked hard to change that, but it is always something I fight with.
Day 6 - Protect your program. Oh yeah, a true issue for me. Although my family is more supprtive than they used to be, some of my in-laws and coworkers still are not, and of course there is the media blitz to deal with on a daily basis.
Day 70 - Livea as a healthy person. I cannot say enough how much the positive visualization had meant to me lately. I would say that I wish I had started doing it sooner, but I think I simply was not ready to. I needed to work through the emotional baggage that was in my way. I needed to do a lot of mental decluttering to be able to see a healthy me.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts and feelings! I have learned, and continue to learn so much from my SYDsters!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Wow, we are at 100 already! Time flies when we are learning together, lol

I really enjoyed reading everyone's contributions and responses. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Some of my favourites are:

My top ten are:
don't even go there
choose to not have to
waste it or WAIST it
half off special
first two bites

  Karen Replied:

Mine are:
Am I interested or committed?
Don't even start
Motivation is a choice
Half off special
Just do it!

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  Anonymous Replied:

I enjoyed it as well, and have learned a lot from Linda and from all you guys as well I must admit there is a few I have left out, but will have to go back and do the ones I've missed - so far these 2 have stuck in my brain and I have repeated them so many times to myself - They have become a part of my life :

1. Day 2 - Am I Interested or committed ?
2. Day 41 - You just have to get up out of your chair and make it happen.

Thank- you all for sharing with me {{Hugs}}

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  Anonymous Replied:

100 days! I will plan to celebrate my 100 days also. Coming next month---

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  Anonymous Replied:

This is 100days, Look at how many they have done in the last few years. See it just keeps starting over and over, all it takes is some effort and group effort to make your own GROUP for 100days.

I have seen that there was 3 different groups working on the same 100days during all this. so find a group and enjoy the next 100days. It does not matter when you start the 100days its does matter that you get to the 100days so you can not only be proud but you can also be the best you can be, that is why you have come to a site like this. Right you want to lose weight!

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