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Book offer

Cindy H.

I'm reviewing some of my (many!) diet/motivation books and found two that are good but that I'm willing to let go of. I usually donate them to my local library but thought I'd rather pass them on to one of my SYD friends who might be motivated by them! Buddy chat me to let me know if you would like to read one and I'll drop it in the mail!

1. Weight Watchers: Weight Loss that Lasts -- Break through the 10 big diet myths (more of a motivational book with lots of personal stories)

2. Strong Women Stay Slim by Miriam Nelson. This is an excellent book and especially good for someone who is interested but needs basic instruction in starting an at-home strength training/exercise program. Excellent nutritional info and some recipes. A good program to follow.

(As my son once told me ... Mom, you don't need to buy any more self help books -- you just need to DO what's in one of them!)

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