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Lisa as Intended (CE)

Part 1 - Summary of Chapter 3 (pages 37-40)

This chapter contains much information, so I will be breaking it down into smaller pieces, and giving you a couple of days before the next post so as you can concentrate on completing the blog activity listed below.

Keep this little piece of wisdom at the top of your mind:

Take care of yourself in order to be the best person you can be, so you become the example for others to do the same - even if they don't join your transformation, they'll realize you're unstoppable. True emotional and mental health comes from believing this right to the core. An unhealthy person who neglects herself isn't equipped enough to help her kids, her spouse or her aging parents. Successful women understand this implicitly.

Your journey isn't one of indulgence or irresponsibility; it's a necessity.
Begin acting as though your mind and body are already where you want them to be.
Make your dreams your a reality by embodying them.

The next chapters in the book go into specific details about jump-starting the journey in all areas of the Best Body Now program - food, fitness, health, beauty and inspiration. Until then, arm yourself with these thirteen momentum-building steps for beginning your own Best Body Now transformation (most just take minutes):

13 Momentum Building Steps

1) Share your new commitment with your husband or partner first, and get support - ask for their involvement. Be specific, be patient, be brave!

2) Talk to your children about changes they're likely to see in your an how this will impact their own lives - invite their participation. Make your new life fun!

3) Reach out to your closest friend to discuss your new journey - maybe she would like to go on the ride, too. Ask to reshape your time together in ways that strengthen the friendship and your health. Get her support in sharing news with your circle of friends.

4) Find a community of like-minded people who have similiar goals so you can motivate and challenge each other in positive ways. Can't find one? Start your own with women you know! (I think we have this covered, with START YOUR OWN DIET. COM and our fellow YBBNer's!)

5) Start with a clean slate. Clear out your kitchen, medicine cabinet and cosmetic bags of unhealthy or expired products so you're not tempted to revert to old, bad habits and can start fresh.

6) Plan your first week's menu, then stock your kitchen with healthy, unprocessed options so you avoid temptation. No junk food.

7) Join a gym or create workout space in your home. This ensures you'll work out from the get-go. (Excuse-proof your workout now: squats and lunges don't require weights or much space to start.)

8 ) Schedule time today on your calendar for work and play during the next week. (If you are motivated, schedule your month!)

9) Look at this transformation as a lifestyle, not a series of events, and you'll soon create positive habits. One bad decision won't throw you off track -you're seeking lifelong change.

10) Consider "cheat" days as "treat" days. This allows you to enjoy your indulgence without feeling guilty., and to get back on the Best Body Now fast track immediately. Keep treat days to one every week or two for the best results, especially when you're just starting.

11) Look for outside sources of inspiration - books written by a hero of yours, speaking engagements by people you admire, art galleries, inspirational documentaries. Find what inspires you and immerse yourself in it. Read a quote or two before bed and one when you wake in the morning for motivation.

12) Give yourself a big goal to work toward. Use contests to keep your mind focused on a daily basis. Other options may be a charity walk or run, a marathon, an event in your life like an anniversary. Whatever puts a date on your calendar (six months from now) and an end game (ie 30lbs dropped), write it down, visualize it, say it aloud everyday. You can do this!

13) Be in the moment and don't look back!

Blog activity: Copy and paste the above 13 Momentum Building Steps in your blog. -off each step as you make it in this journey. Consider adding your thoughts or story to each in how you accomplished the step. Once completed, post the date on the Challenge Record post.

For the purpose of this post, of the 13 Momentum Building Steps, which do you think may be the most difficult to perform? What will be your strategy for overcoming this thought?

THE MULBERRY TREE was a favored symbol of the Renaissance because it flowers late, once every few decades, bursting into bloom. Sounds just like the perfect metaphor for the sexy Best Body Now sisterhood!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Love the Mulberry Tree symbolism!!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Perfect Timing...once again....I did each of these when I began SYD. Just today, I said to myself....young lady, you best make a list of the important things that have gotten you thus far...things you thought about and implemented before SYD and in the beginning of SYD...lest you forget or become complacent...about their importance. In some ways these last 9 months have flown by and yet, with about 40ish lbs. to go seems like quite a long journey....
Today, I was being mindful of how easy it might be to become complacent and/or to sort of settle in or let little things slip up or seem not so the ones mentioned above.

The 'biggies' are a no tracking foods, exercise etc....the above may not seem as important-yet I believe they are...thus the reminder to myself...and voila! they appeared I can just copy/paste.....gotta love it!! Thanks Tosca....Thanks Lisa!!!! I U

I will use this opportunity to redo/renew/refresh the above steps...taking them to a new level!

  Shannon Replied:

The hardest for me is to create small contests for myself to work towards my BIG GOAL. I know it needs to happen, but I have had trouble in the past sticking to plans. This time is new ... as I said recently in my blog, 'hind sight is 20/20' and you cannot look back at the past. You need only look forward to what can be done differently and more towards your goals.

  Pinkdream Replied:

I really like here statement...

"I began acting as though my mind and body were already where I wanted them to be. I pushed intimidation and self-consciousness aside and ate and exercised like i was already in top condition, even though I was 70 pounds overweight."

Making the small steps needed daily with consistency will get us to our big goal...sometimes I get too focused on the big picture that I get overwhelmed. Much better to focus on the here and now of what I can do today. I love these 13 steps...I wrote them in my notebook and working through them. Thanks for the post!

  Cindy H. Replied:

Definitely the most difficult for me is planning the darn menu! I'm going to conquer this though!

  Shari (CE) Replied:

I'm always feeling like one bad decision will throw me off and I know better

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