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Lisa as Intended (CE)

Summary of Chapter 4 : BEST BODY NOW DIET - WORST NUTRITIONAL HABITS (page 78 )

Some nutrition habits are unhealthy and some are just AWFUL. The following is a list of the 5 worst foods ( ) you can put in your mouth and easy ways ( ) to eliminate them from your current eating habits:

DIET SODA: Research has shown that artificial sweeteners can trigger overeating and cravings for more sugary sweets, as well as contribute to bone weakness.
FLAVOR WATER:with sweet fruit slices, or for a less sweet taste cucumber or celery

COFFEE WITH EXTRAS: Would you start your day off with a caramel pie? Flavored coffeehouse extras can have the nutritional equivalent of such a fattening dessert.
DRINK COFFEE BLACK: If you absolutely cannot drink it black, a touch of skim milk is fine (Lisa here...a touch of soymilk, stevia or agave, vanilla...all seem to be a clean way to wean off the extras to me, but I'm not a coffee drinker...I used to have a little coffee with my sugar and yes I drank pie for morning buddy get-togethers at Bux)

PROCESSED OR DELI MEATS: These are a cocktail of chemicals including nitrates, and other preservatives, sugars and sodium, all of which have been linked to diseases includng cancer.
ROAST EXTRAS: It's better to roast a few extra chicken or turkey breasts and slice them up for sandwiches or a wrap. It's usually cheaper too.

FRUIT JUICES AND FRUIT DRINKS: Fruit juices without the nutritional component of fiber is essentially like dipping your spoon into a bag of sugar and will send your blood sugar levels soaring, only to crash later. Fruit drinks often do not contain actual fruit or very little
ENJOY A PIECE OF FRUIT: If you want to enjoy the taste of fruit, eat a piece of in-season fresh fruit.
DRINK WATER: or add fruit slices to water (Lisa here...I sound like a stevia pusher, but also adding a packet really hits the spot and satifies me).
JUICE AT HOME: Juice a combination of fruit and vegetables yourself, this way you won't drink the added sugars and preservatives.

SUGARY BREAKFAST CEREAL: Know the other names for sugar: glucose, corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, sucrose, molasses, honey, artificial sweeteners, maltose and maple syrup and look for them on the label
SWITCH TO HEALTHIER OPTIONS: Such as Kashi, Shredded Wheat, muesli, Ezekial, Weetabix, and All-Bran, as well as hot cereal products.

For the purpose of replying to this post: Which, if any, of the above do you still include in your eating habits? Is the healthy alternative suggested something you think you could implement to eliminate the unhealthy food choice? Have you eliminated any of the unhealthy habits listed above and use a different alternative that helped kick the habit, than is suggested, that you are willing to share?

  Lisa as Intended (CE) Replied:

I have eliminated all of the above, and some for years...which makes my NOW commitment easier. I found I was a Dr.Pepper addict and am NOW 5 years clean of that...I didn't like any other soda so by eliminating DP I'm not tempted by other sodas. I have just this year tried the Dr. Zevia, which is sweetened with stevia, however, with clean eating I strive to not have any caffeine or carbonated water of any type. This will be an occasional treat. I love squeezing 1/2 a lemon with a packet of stevia in this alternative.

As I mentioned I have never been a coffee drinker...I like the flavor, but not an issue to release...I had more issues around no longer meeting friends at the local coffee house in the morning than giving up coffee.

Vegetarian... deli meat no problemo; I'd eat fruit over juice anyday, and never been a morning breakfast food eater until I started with ECD and the oats. Of all the selections I'd say no longer drinking DP was the most difficult to release, but did so for my health and glad I did!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Diet Soda and Sweet 'n Low were my 2.
When I began on SYD I eliminated both. Replaced Sweet'nLow with Stevia and just did away with the Diet Soda......being so focused on my 'why' it wasn't that hard. Didn't really enjoy the 'Zevia' so went to H2O and the occasional iced tea with Stevia. For the first 8 mos. I had Diet Soda only on a handful of occasions when I chose to 'treat' myself.
After vaca...I realized that it had become more of a weekly treat and was inching it's way toward daily...yikes...time to quit that out!!! So I'm back to choosing not to have it....just my H2O with or without lemon - either way is fine. When I have at least 12 waters, if I want, I will have a glass of decaf iced tea with stevia....

  Diane Replied:

I have a water no soda problem here. My biggest problem is bread and I am trying to limit it and make better choices when eating bread. I am having to supplement my water with herbal teas so I don't consume too much.

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  Anonymous Replied:

My struggles are getting my water in and cutting out drinking coffee all day long with flavored creamer. But I started drinking lemon water sweetened with stevia in my metal water bottles and I fill up my daily quotient every morning. Next the coffee- found an interesting little bottle called vanilla creme stevia- it is a flavoring with all natural ingredients that I use just a few drops in to give a vanilla flavoring to my one cup of coffee every morning then I switch to lemon water and herbal teas..

  Shari (CE) Replied:

I'm having a hard time finding something clean to compliment my coffee. I will try the vanilla creme stevia...Thanks Nancy. Other than that I love my fruit juices. I don't eat processed meat because of migraines. I love water...gave up soda years ago and I'm hooked on clean oats for breakfast.

  Shannon Replied:

I have never been a huge fan of drinking pop ... unless it's mixed with rum! haha! But since I've eliminated alcohol now, too ... both are out! I will 'treat' myself to a diet pop very rarely - maybe once every two months or so!

Coffee ... I have never liked the taste of coffee so this one is not hard to stop!

Deli meats ... I used to sometimes get a craving for a sandwich and would get some deli meats, but now I will use extra chicken!

Juice ... nope! I prefer water ... plus, I can taste the sugar in juices!

Sugary cereals ... heck no! I'd rather pay the SAME amount or LESS for a healthy cereal that keeps me full!

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  Anonymous Replied:

I had already eliminated all of these things - thank goodness!
I had been adding flavoured crystal lite to my water about 6 months ago but stopped that as well.
I get a clean bill of health on this task - YEAH!

  kc Replied:

I love good old H2O. It is definitely my beverage of choice.
I do like coffee, but have always drunk it black. Occasionally I used to have a Starbucks but now if I go to a coffee house I either have black coffee or a skinny latte.
PROCESSED OR DELI MEATS: I do eat processed lunch meat.
And will easily switch to buying a small turkey or big chicken and freezing it in small portions.
ENJOY A PIECE OF FRUIT: Love the crunch of an apple! Now I always have an apple with power peanut butter just about every afternoon.
SWITCH TO HEALTHIER OPTIONS: I do not like a sugar laden cereal. Usually I have shredded wheat with a banana. I have been enjoying a clean granola with my yogurt, which is newly introduced into my cleaner eating diet.
Not too bad. Just need to work on the lunch meat, which I don't foresee as being difficult.

  Cindy H. Replied:

The processed meats have still been a fall back for me ... I bought some extra chicken breasts today and will grill some up later tonight to use this week.
Otherwise I'm on track with this list!

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