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YBBN Chapter 6, PART 1 - Best Body Now Health: HEALTH BASICS

Lisa as Intended (CE)

Summary of Chapter 6 : Best Body Now Health
(pages 151-157)

"Your body responds to smart health choices the second you make them"

If you ate perfectly you wouldn't have to adjust your health plan by using supplements or other treatments - you would be getting the right amount of nutrients and fuel from food. Consider the "Super Foods" listed in Chapter 4 your primary "supplements", however, due to busy lifestyles, lack of sleep, pollution, processing and growing methods of foods, etc. we not always get the amounts of nutrients and fuels our bodies need. The good news is it's never too late to make a change, your body responds to smart health choices the second you make them.


NEARLY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO ARM YOUR BODY AGAINST AGING ALREADY EXISTS IN NATURE: There exists an entire host of disease-fighting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables, plants, spices and herbs.

GET YOUR NUTRIENTS FROM FOOD FIRST, IF POSSIBLE: It's better to get your nutrients, vitamins and minerals from natural food sources.

EVERY HUMAN BODY IS DIFFERENT: The only way to know exactly how much you really need of any supplement, vitamin or natural hormone is to get tested. It doesn't make snse to add substances you don't need, even if healthy.

YOUR BODY CHANGES EVERYDAY: Hormone levels constantly change and fluxuate based on how stressed you are, how much exercising you're doing, what you eat, and more. This is why the "one pill fits all" solution doesn't work.

EVERY FOOD OR SUPPLEMENT WORKS IN ONE OF TWO WAYS: There are no such things as foods or supplements that have neutral or zero effects on the body. With every bite you take you have two choices: Protect and enhance cells or work against them.

LOW ESTROGEN LEVELS OFTEN GO UNTREATED: Bioidentical hormones - those identical to ones already in our bodies are a safe, natural alternative to synthetic hormones to alleviate common symptoms.

LOSE THE "I HAVE TO TAKE EVERYTHING" MIND SET: Understanding your family's health issues, as well as your lifestyle today and in the past is critical to helping you determine how to supplement your health plan.

ANTIVIRALS ARE THE NEW ANTIOXIDANTS: Antivirals are the newest substances to be found in nature, possessing even more disease-fighting power than antioxidants. You cannot get enough of these antivirals. For a detailed list see pages 156 and 157.

For the purpose of replying to this post: How will your food choices in the future be affected after reading the powerful statement in this chapter

"With every bite you take you have two choices: Protect and enhance cells or work against them." ?

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  Anonymous Replied:

I now add more organic items to my over all menu plan. I am not 100% organic, however, I am consuming so much more than ever before including spices. I have never been big on supplements and have not yet incorporated them. I am still trying to determine if they are even needed as I eat such a healthy diet. I am considering making an appointment with a nutritionist to see if she has any suggestions once she has analyzed my daily consumption. I'm lucky and this service is 100% covered on my health plan so I may as well go check it out

  Lisa as Intended (CE) Replied:

This statement really stuck with me when I read the chapter (really? ya think that's why I added it for discussion? giggles). With clean eating I am seeing food in an even healthier light and now with the Best Body Now Program, I'm not only eating for weight loss and health, but for fuel, and this mentality seems to be overriding the emotional attachment I've had with food; it's very empowering to have a sense of regaining control. I think this statement WILL enter my mind each time I'm making a choice of what I'm putting into my fact, I intend it to be, and expand on it including asking myself, "will this bite of food protect and enhance my goals, program, what I say I want OR work against it?"

I'm all for expressing emotions, however, I'm no longer giving myself the right to beat myself up about feeling low on energy, guilty, sick, regretful, or any other emotion or victim stance that just negatively extends an unhealthy choice if I CHOSE to eat something that works against what I knew was in my highest good.

  Shari (CE) Replied:

I have been taking supplements for a few years now. The doctor had me start taking magnesium/Zinc for migraines, my Mom had me add calcium, cinnamon, and flax oil she is always on the lookout for migraine cures and Mom knows best. I also take a multiple vitamin and vitamin B complex for energy. Now I have added a shot of wheat grass each day. I have noticed better sleep and more energy and a good complexion.
I am not trying to live forever I just want to be healthy to the end
I want to fuel my body with the good stuff so it will give me optimal performance

  Cindy H. Replied:

I need to tattoo this on my arm so I can read it before reaching for something by impulse. Too often I "forget" exactly what I'm trying to accomplish!

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