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Day 1 - jan 1, 2010: I used to be that way...

I used to eat out a lot now I prepare healthy meals at home.

I used to allow the scale to be an enemy to me now I use the scale only as a tool and I don't allow a bad scale day to ruin my weight loss efforts

I used to have difficulty walking around the block now I walk a 2 - 3 KM block at least 5 days a week - hopefully in 2010 I will be rollerblading around the block

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  Tami Replied:

Rollerblading are more daring that I!

  Eileen Replied:

I used to be that way but now I DESIRE to be different.
I used to snack throughout the day but no I will not.
I used to find some excuse for not exercising but now that is no longer an option.
I used to not really care but now I want to be sexy for myself and my husband.

PS Happy New Year.

  Karen Replied:

My thoughts on Day 1: Linda says we are to make up "a new ending" for our negative behavior. All too familiar are the endings:
-Yeah, I can lose weight, but I'll gain it back.
-I can stick with this for awhile and at least get my clothes comfortable.
INSTEAD, we are creating new positive endings, starting with our, I used to...., but now I .....

Here are a few of mine:
--I used to eat until I was miserable, but now I choose healthy portions and know I am doing what is best for my body.
--I used to keep candy and junk food in my house, but now I choose to have healthy treats and options available at home for my snacks.
--I used to get no exercise at all, and now I work with a trainer twice a week, and seek other exercise.
--I used to dread pictures and seeing people I hadn't seen in awhile, and now I don't even think about it or if I do, there is no sense of dread.

Christine, I can't imagine rollerblading either. You are a daredevil. LOL

  Sharon VA Replied:

You are so brave Christine! Very impressive.

The reading for Day 1 is so important to me, because it sets the stage for my progress. The following strikes me, " Your past does not determine your future. In fact, your previous failures have absolutely no effect on your ability to succeed now. "

Goodness knows, I have had failures in the past. I CHOOSE to leave them behind and will not ALLOW them to haunt me.

I used to eat on the run and made drivethroughs my personal feeding trough.
Now I plan and pack my meals so that eating during my morning/evening commute is actually a healthy treat.

I used to procrastinate until there was "no time" for exercise.
Now I will take every opportunity throughout the day to add more steps and work in 30 min. of movement and up to 10,000+ steps 5 days a week.

I used to allow others to pressure me to eat off plan.
Now I choose to eat healthy treats and refuse saboteurs.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Christine! Here is to your success, and all of our success!

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  Anonymous Replied:

I took roller blading lessons with my youngest son when he was little. He had no one to skate with so we took lessons together. We both really loved to roller blade. I used to roller skate every Sunday when I was a teenager. I haven't roller bladed in years because of my weight but if I lose another twenty pounds by the summer I will take a refresher lesson I wonder if it's like riding a bike. Once you know how you never forget.

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  Anonymous Replied:

This is the first time I have ever joined a group like this. Before I would have just "lurked" but now I am going to be involved. I think that belonging to a group will help movtivate me and make me accountable!
I used to say I was going to lose weight now I going to do it! Thanks for this group - I look forward to getting to know you over the next 100 days!

  Gwen Replied:

And we look forward to getting to know you Gardener! Welcome aboard. You couldn't have come at a better time.

I used to eat for comfort instead of facing my emotions and making a healthier choice.

I used to believe that I must clear my plate. I still tend to eat all what is on my plate (old habits die hard) but I now put less on my plate or use a smaller one!

I used to ignore feeling full and eat on, but now I try for smaller portions and savour every bite. I also try to listen to my body and not overeat.

  Barb Replied:

I used to eat mindlessly, now I'm going to stop and think.
I used to wait until mealtime to decide my menu (or takeout), now I'm going plan meals in advance.
I used to say I'll start tomorrow, now I'm starting today.

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  Anonymous Replied:

It feels so good to have the New Year begin to to get underway with the 100 Days. I look forward to getting to know you all.

I had many "I used to's" but here are a few:
I used to start my day with only a vague idea for menus and exercise but now I start my day with exercise followed by a focused plan of eating for the entire day.

I used to believe that I would never reach my goal weight but now I have no doubt that I will be at a healthy weight THIS YEAR.

I used to feel embarrassed when walking in my neighborhood but now I feel alive and happy when I am exercising outdoors.

  pickles a smaller me Replied:

i don't relie on scales only what i see.your doing good keep it up.

  Shannon Replied:

1. Fears or negative behavious that have hurt my weight-loss success in the past:
I would buy chips or ice cream and ginish it all within a few days so that I wouldn't be tempted.
I would have my mind on other tasks instead of setting time aside to workout.
I would let the tv schedule determine my life schedule.
2. Write new endings for them:
I used to buy chips or ice cream and finish it all within a few days so that I wouldn't be tempted, but now I will allow the product in the house with the understanding that it's ok to have a "helping" of them ... that way they will last and I won't deprive myself of them - resulting in bingeing.
I used to have my mind on other tasks instead of setting time aside to work out, but now I will ensure I remove myself from "tasks" so that I can get in a workout ... cardio is a great new "task"!
I used to let the tv schedule determine my life schedule, but now I know that I can watch tv on-line and there is no need to have my life spent on the couch instead of getting out and living!

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