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Think Thin, Be Thin 1/20 Lesson 4 "Your Line in the Sand"


Stand alone in a room. Draw an imaginary line in front of yourself. The side you're standing on represents your past weight issues. The other side of the line represents the life that is yours to shape and change. Maybe you already crossed this line psychologically when you started to read this book. If you have not yet crossed the line, choose a position in relation to the line and note how it feels to be where you are now.

Do you know how far you are from crossing the line? Can you visualize yourself crossing? Then answer the following questions:

Is something in the way of your crossing? Maybe you can't afford a gym membership or to sign up for a commercial weight-loss program. If so, are you ready to look for a no-or low-cost alternative, such as walking in a park every morning? If not, when might you be ready?

Do you need to do anything before crossing? Maybe you're planning a big party and figure you'd blow your diet preparing the feast. Why not ask a friend to help with the cooking so you're less likely to be tempted?

Is there any other reason to postpone crossing? Maybe part of you is afraid of trying and failing, especially if that's happened before. Are you afraid of what lies on the other side? For instance, you may worry that others will expect you to take on more responsibilities, such as leading school hikes or volunteering for charity walkathons, if you slim down. Think through how you might handle such requests—or consider the idea that you might even enjoy such outings.

Psychologist Kenneth Christian, author of Your Own Worst Enemy, developed this exercise for the Maximum Potential Project, which helps people overcome self-limiting behavior. As he and others have found, there is seldom any advantage to deferring change. If you wait until you have more money, more time or you're comfortable with what the future holds, you may end up waiting forever. So go ahead. Cross the line.

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  Anonymous Replied:

I love this lesson! How many of us let our diets get off track on the weekends and say "ah I'll get back on track Monday" or "I'll start my diet on Monday", or " I'm going on a serious diet after the Holidays". It is a basic way to talk yourself out of taking immediate action or a procastination tactic.

I know I have been incredibly guilty of this in the past but now my line is drawn and I have crossed it and I don't want to return back to the dark side of the line.

Thanks again Shirley for the Summary!

What do you think about this one?

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  Anonymous Replied:

I think it is true that we can use excuses to put off what we know we should do now. I think it is often due to fear so that is a very clever observation - we can become comfortable in our non-acheiving bubble and scared to try in case we fail. It is all about being strong and saying "I will NOT fail, I can do this"

  Shirley Replied:

I loved this lesson, too. What I liked most about it was picturing my line in the sand...I'm a visual learner and it really spoke to me that the one side of the line had to do with my PAST weight issues...and now that I am on the other side I can SHAPE and CHANGE the life that is mine. I can honestly say over the last few years I have jumped back and forth over that line too many times to count. I can thankfully say at this point in my life I am more committed than I have ever been. I am trying to improve some health issues and that was a real wake-up call. I'm so delighted to be doing this book together. It really helps to read other people's takes on it. Thanks. again, to all of you.

  Eileen Replied:

I'm of the opinion today that I have faced my weight issues and have crossed the line to realizing that my life is mine to shape and change. I'm early on in this new thought process but I'm working hard and the weight is coming off slowly but I'm confident for the first time ever that I can achieve my goals.

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  Anonymous Replied:

I have crossed the line for the last time and I'm committed to this lifestyle change. tHanks shirley for the great summary.

  Lisa as Intended (CE) Replied:

I've crossed that line (holding hands with Nancy!), and feel empowered! I've released the past and stopped projecting into the future and am living in the NOW...the only time in space we have the power to make change!

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