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Day 20, January 20, 2010-Half-off Special


From Linda's book:
"For an easy way to manage your serving sizes on an ongoing basis, use a concept called the half-off special. That simply means eat half as much as you normally would, or take half of the amount you actually want. The "half-off" approach works especially well at banquets or meals that involve several courses. By eating half of each food item, you get to appreciate all of the tastes but don't leave the table feeling stuffed. Sometimes the "half-off" concept may feel awkward and even unsatisfying. If you try eating half of your food but you can't stop yourself from finishing it off, take a close look at your emotional needs. Maybe something else in your life requires attention or needs to be filled."

My comments:
I have used the half off method especially when eating out. It was tough at first, but it really does work and cuts those calories in half. This is especially true in restaurants and with served banquet meals. Sometimes at Olive Garden, I just physically take my fork and draw a line on my plate marking what I will eat, and what I won't. I also allow myself 1/2 of one breadstick, or at Colton's 1/2 of one roll. Also, sometimes I don't take the other half home. If it's pasta, I don't need to eat MORE the following day. Also, you can ask restaurants to meal share. Sometimes they might charge $2 to $5 more for the entree, but hey that's usually cheaper than buying two, and neither of you eats too much.

Another hint when eating out where bread or rolls are served: do NOT let them bring them to the table until the entree is served. Of course, you have to have the cooperation of those eating with you to accomplish that. There's nothing wrong with asking the others dining with you: "Would you mind if the bread didn't come until our entree does?"

To Do Today:
Divide several of your food items in half, then eat only that much.
Do this half-off special with at least five foods.
In your journal, record the foods you ate along with how it felt to leave half of the food behind.

  Eileen Replied:

I've been doing this for a while and it's really not that difficult. I don't feel stuffed anymore and I especially like not having that feeling.

  Shannon Replied:

I find that I get "full" when I drink water ... I guess that's a good thing!

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