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Wow, I finally have a book.


I will backtrack through the early lessons. Do they stand alone so I could do a back one and keep up, or am I better off to go through one lesson and let the next one build on it? Your thoughts?

  Shirley Replied:

I'm so glad you finally got your book...I'd suggest skimming over the lessons here on the boards and the comments from the people here. I don't necessarily think the lessons are that sequential. I think you could jump right in...just my 2 cents.

  Cindy H. Replied:

I think they can stand alone. I read the whole thing while I was laying on the couch recovering .... of course, now I need to read each one again because I was on drugs and don't remember it all!

  Eileen Replied:

Welcome Karen! Yes, I believe they stand alone so go about it the best way that suits you.

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