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We didn't make it all the way through the book here, but Oprah had Geneen on again last week,
and they unveiled a 15 week companion program to go along with the book. One lesson per week.
Weblink is given at the above right to get you to the companion guide.

  Shirley Replied:

Thanks, Karen

  Eileen Replied:

Thanks, Karen. I see one has to "join" Oprah in order to get the guide. I wonder how many unsolicited emails show up?

  Sharon VA Replied:

I looked around on the site and read through the 15 slides they list as converstion starters. Some good insight there. Thanks Karen!

  Jilly Replied:

Thanks for posting this. I tried to watch that episode of Oprah, but things got busy in the office & I missed the entire thing! I should have looked online or on demand for it but forgot. I will check out the link. Thanks again!

  Shari (CE) Replied:

Thanks for sharing =]

  Karen Replied:

I think I get one about once a week, Eileen, but they are helpful to me.

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