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More maintenance musings

Jeanne- CE!

I've been thinking a lot about maintenance, and how and why this time will be different than the times in the past that I chose to backslide. I do not have all of the answers, and I most definitely still need the words of wisdom, the sharing of knowledge, and the group support that only SYDers can deliver! I commit to continuing to track, plan ahead, blog, and monitor my portions, water, exercise, and rest. Maintenance is a continuation of a healthy lifestyle after achieving goal weight! It is not an abrupt deviation from all of those healthy choices that allowed arrival at goal to happen. It is a continuum of a commitment to a lifetime of wellness. It is not a green light to go ahead and enjoy all of those things that were given up in the name of "dieting". It is a joyous place to be, that allows freedom to choose wisely. It is worth the hard work!

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  Anonymous Replied:

I can't wait to be there with you!! 36 more pounds to goal!!

  Lori Replied:

Wise words, Jeanne! I can't wait to get there...

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  Anonymous Replied:

Very wise words, indeed! Hopefully I will be right there with you before the end of the year (or maybe the beginning of next year - no pressure)

  Jilly Replied:

When I arrive at my goal down the road, that will be my plan as well. We are glad to have the wisdom of the "maintainers" here on SYD!

  Pinkdream Replied:

thank you so much for sharing the wisdom you are gleaming...I know it will be helpful to me when I get to goal...for that matter it is helpful to me now..knowing that what i choose to give up now needs to be things I really choose to give up as this is a life style change not just give it up for six months and go back to the old way...the old way did not work so well! So grateful for the maintainer and all their insight...

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

I love that everyone here is on that same road that will pause at goal somewhere along the way! We're all in this together, regardless of where we are on our journey. I was actually a bit afraid of getting to goal because a little part of me thought that I would always feel a little deprived and not quite as happy- I know that's an unhealthy thought but I still had that nagging little fear anyway. One of the nicest surprises for me is that I really LIKE my healthy choices- I always kind of thought that I would just suck it up and muster up whatever discipline it took to maintain; but after being on this journey for so long, my tastes have changed, and the food no longer holds the power over me that it once did. This time feels different- joyous is the word that keeps coming to mind!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Amen to that Jeanne - I feel the same way!

  Sharon VA Replied:

Good for you Jeanne! Hearing you so satisfied gives encouragement to those of us still working to where you are. Thank you.

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