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ECD - Textured Vegetable Protein

I had heard that TVP was something to avoid in a vegetarian/vegan diet, however, someone I know who is also vegan was encouraging me to try it in a recipe she had this week and says she uses it regularly as a substitute for ground meat. Now I also read in the ECD book that the author recommends it as well. I'm a bit confused about TVP and why it would be considered harmful, and if so, even more confused as to why the author would recommend it?

  Lisa as Intended (CE) Replied:

There are mixed reviews. Most of the reports I've read say to steer clear of it, as it is altered to a point that it is known to have similiar affects in the body as MSG. As the author isn't vegetarian, or vegan, this may be something that she finds as an acceptable non-animal protein alternative. I always, ALWAYS recommend doing one's own research and making the decision for yourself. I avoid it especially if it is listed in the top 4 ingredients, however, I've been consuming Seitan, which I find a wonderful protein alternative, and now am wondering if THIS may be a form of TVP "disguised" under this name, so am currently reseaching this for myself...I'll be really disappointed to discover that it is. You may direct your questions to the "pros" on the boards of the site, as like you, I've been eating mostly this way for months, however, I am a student of this book as well.

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