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Next stop #22: Toronto, Ontario, Canada to visit Christine!


Let's make a stop in Niagara Falls on our way to Canada and enjoy one of the Seven Wonders of the World...check out the link...

  Gwen Replied:

I have been there many years ago and it really is an amazing sight. Waldo sure likes adventures!

  Kathy Replied:

Have always wanted to go white water rafting looks amazing - one day!!

  Eileen Replied:

Bucket List item for me.

  Pinkdream Replied:

I have been there a couple of times...the power is just amazing along with the beauty! Awesome stop!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Gosh this brought back memories, a friend and I went on a girls jaunt to Niagara falls more than 20 years ago now, during the autumn .... Niagara and Canada as a whole was spectacular. I've now put this back on my list of places to return to one day!

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  Anonymous Replied:

PS friend has never came back ... married a canadian and lives there to this day

  Lulu Replied:

Toronto is great with lots to see and do. The CN Tower is amazing. I was just at the Skydome for a ball game yesterday while the kids went to Canada's Wonderland to enjoy the rides. There are always some great theatre shows to take in too. Great idea to check out Niagara Falls while you are in the area. Love it everytime I go there. I'm thinking about taking the family there for New Years Eve this year. I have never taken them in the winter. Very pretty then too.

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