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100 Days left in 2011 (Thursday September 22)

Lisa as Intended (CE)

This is a great day to set new intentions and goals to count down until the New Year as a new and improved you with each healthy choice you make!

OR Join me on the 100 Days user competitions I started under the Motivation tab!

It'll fly by faster than you think! 100, 99, 98...

  EweCanDoIt (Karen) Replied:

I've been gearing up for it Lisa! For the past few days I've been working at getting my 100 oz of water in... today I got 102! ...and also have started doing my ab routines as well!!
I'm ready

  Lisa as Intended (CE) Replied:

@ Ewe: that is awesome! I'm so proud of EWE!

  Shannon Replied:

Wow ... only 100 days left in 2011!? That means there are only 108 days until I leave for Jamaica! Love it!!!

  Lisa as Intended (CE) Replied:

100 of 100!

  Cherylee Replied:

Join us at 100 days of weight loss blog with Linda. It will take us to 2012.

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