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Julie and Julia

Jeanne- CE!

How in the world did Julie do a recipe a day for a year? I am barely able to crank out one eat-clean vegetarian recipe a week, LOL! I am totally loving that we are reviewing this cookbook- SO fun, and I never would have done it on my own or learned so much- thanks to all of you clean chefs, and to Lisa for being the Queen of Clean!

  Cindy H. Replied:

Isn't that the truth Jeanne!! And here's my complete confession, I finally got all the ingredients to make my recipe today (Sunday) and ran out of time -- I'm going to make it Monday morning ... and I'll just have to see if She Who Must Be Obeyed will allow me to post it late. hmmm Lisa?

  Lisa as Intended (CE) Replied:

I think it's called "passion", lol!!! I used to love to cook and made 5 course meals for my family every night...but started prepping at 3pm or before for a 6pm dinner. I could never figure out why people made such a big deal out of Thanksgiving dinners...we ate like that every night.

Now, if I could have a personal chef that cooked clean, I wouldn't step foot in the kitchen, hahaha! But alas I do not, so I have quick go to clean meals, I eat mostly raw now, and every once in awhile I'll get bored and try something the Eat Clean recipes, and do something up big for Sunday dinner.

My family misses the fu-fu desserts, but I'm sure their bodies do not. Fortunately, fresh fruit is a fav of all my girls, and as long as that's available I haven't heard many groans. I am looking forward to the Eat Clean Vegetarian Cookbook chapter on will be nice to make desserts I can feel good about, yet taste yummy!

  Michelle Replied:

I get what you're saying... pizza dough for the lebanese triangles exploded in the fridge waiting for me to get to the recipe. I guess i missed last week and I hope to get this week done but I don't think I have time

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