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I'm curious... do any other Mom's here homeschool their children?

How do you work your "lifestyle" change into your day?

Do you include your kids in it?

I've been homeschooling for 5 years now and I'm still trying to figure out how to fit exercise and "me" time into my day without getting up HOURS before they do or stay up HOURS after they go to bed.

  Amber Replied:

I have homeschooled my children off and on through the years. My daughter intends to finish out her schooling at home so I have a few years left. I prefer to get up early, have "me" time, workout and make breakfast before waking up the kids. But if you don't want to do that, then I suggest a P.E. class in which you work out, and while you do the kids run laps around the house, or do push ups or whatever. Get them involved with you! And make eating healthy another "lesson" for them. Have them eat whatever healthy foods you are eating. And trust me, this is not easy, but in the long run they will be healthier adults for it. My kids often don't like healthy foods, and we have a rule that if they try it and don't like it, then they don't have to eat it. However, there are no "substitutes". Because if they know that they can have something different, they will hold out for you to cook them something else. It takes time and patience (ALOT OF PATIENCE) but eventually the kids will start to understand healthy eating. My daughter has gone many a nights without dinner because she didn't like it, but then eventually she would start eating the healthy foods because she knew there were no substitutes. Of course, it took many months just to get her used to new healthier foods.

Wishing you the best of luck!

  Lisa as Intended (CE) Replied:

I homeschooled my youngest for a year since she is a September baby and missed the age cut off and therefore would be nearly 6 going into kindergarten. I became aware of just how much benefit homeschooling can be when she went into Kindergarten with a 1st grade second month reading level, and as a little socialite, I chose to go ahead and enter her into traditional half-day kindergarten school and not challenge her into a 1st grade class, but continued to supplement with home teachings.

My advice is for you to schedule your exercise and "me time" into your day planner, afterall, school children get recesses during the day. Give them 'busy work' or studying to do during the time you are having "me time"; include "P.E. class" and lead them in some exercising together. In short it is a matter of making YOU a priority too and when you do, it's amazing how creative one can get to protect and balance their "me time" and "kid time".

Do you know other homeschooling or at-home moms? At one point when my girls were little, I had a friend that once a week we would take each other's children for part of a day to give the other a break to spend doing whatever, shopping, errands, me time, etc., afterall even school children have field trips, right? And trust me, a refreshed and healthier teacher and mom is more beneficial to them.

It's not easy...but being a mom is the most rewarding and important job there is...I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. I think it is wonderful you are investing so much of yourself for your children...just remember it is important to keep yourself filled up energetically, and one way to do that is to do something you love that you lose track of time when you are doing it. It's taking care of your children's mother.

  Alicia Replied:

Yeah I run a homeschool organization in Southern Ohio with over 3000 members. And I asked the same question, but didn't get a huge response. Since we're all here on the same path for a better Lifestyle... I figured I'd ask.

  Denise Replied:

When I home schooled (really miss it!), I used to swim with my daughter at the outdoor pools. When we lived where there was no pool, we would start our day out with a walk together. Yes, they would go slower but you could put some weights in a backpack to get more intensity. Taking them to the park is a lot of fun too because you can use some of the equipment there too. If your children are older, can you afford working out at a local gym together? Oh and last but not least, I don't know where you live but we attended a Karate for Christ Dojo. Karate for Christ (most places if not all) are free. It costs about 20 for our Ghia (sp) I should know that spelling too. and $5.00 a belt test. Hope that helps some. Have fun with your school. You might also want to check out for some ideas or post your question(s) there. CHF is Christian Home School Fellowship

  deb Replied:

My kids are all grown up now and I did not homeschool, but my daughter (who is pregnant with her 1st) has talked about homeschooling. I think there are pros & cons of homeschooling but certainly admire anyone who can do it successfully! I agree with Amber that you should "build in" the diet & exercise into the curriculum. And getting up early sure would help as well! Good Luck!

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