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belly fat from menopause

Has anyone had any luck with any of the pills/liquids to level out hormones?Cannot
shake the belly fat no matter what I'm doing .Everything else seems to be in line except this

  gramma4u Replied:

I haven't tried anything, but yes the belly fat is annoying to say the least.

I have tried the Mono fats that are in some belly fat diets so I guess I have tried something.

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  Anonymous Replied:

I have not found anything that works. But love having the "excuse" of knowing why I keep struggling with this area. I'll be watching your post to see if I can pick up a few tricks from others. Good luck!

  Bee Replied:

If there is any comfort ....Know you are not alone!!! lol I think if you can keep loosing it may come off ... or is that wishful thinking!

  Jackie Replied:

Nope. I don't know of anything either. Just eating low carbs and exercise.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Carol, thanks for this post. I am knocking on the door of peri-menopause, at age 55. In the past year, I have had one irregular period and had one bout of extreme bloat and tenderness that lasted for a couple of weeks. I have not noticed the belly fat per se, as I am an hourglass/pear shape, but what I have noticed is just a general thickness, and weight that seems to want to hang on, despite my mostly "doing all the right things" that got me to goal weight and kept me in maintenance.

When I got to goal weight three years ago, I scheduled a consultation with a licensed/degreed dietician/nutritionist. I highly recommend this for everyone in combination with input from your medical doctor, rather than just randomly trying what others recommend or what you find on your own- that can be dangerous! For transition to menopause, my nutritionist recommended femdophilus by Jarrow, which is a probiotic supplement that is specifically targeted to keep a changing body in balance. She recommended 1/day, but I took it 3X/week, then when I hit that bout of getting tender and bloated, I started taking it on weekdays. I have not had the tenderness since.

I would be interested in others' insight on this topic, as I am really charting new territory here. I am very much in tweaking mode, just trying to find what will work for me. Honestly, I am pretty much a wellness nut, and I get a lot of exercise. I am reducing my portions a bit, and adding in a small amount of more constant aerorbic activity (biking, blading or rebounder), hoping that will subtract fat and add endorphins!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Cutting carbs and sugar seems to help, but I am 56 and have never had "belly" fat like I do now. It's a tough one for sure. I guess that's all I've learned-plus lots of water

  Jo Dawn Replied:

If your not having any hormonal problems for any other reason (just the belly fat) then I would not mess with your hormones by taking something. Once you "mess" them up, it's hard to get balanced again. Then you've got other problems much worse then belly fat. This what my Dr told me. Good luck!! I hope you find something that works for you.

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