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Day 100: This is how I live!

Jeanne- CE!

Time flies no matter what- whether times are good, bad, happy or sad. It's always worth it to do what can be done in the present moment, even if the overall goal is overwhelming, or success seems too far into the future to even be worth it. I've always liked the analogy of the person who wanted to become a doctor in middle age, but was discouraged at the number of years it would take to accomplish that goal. And then he was asked what he would be doing ___ years from now if he DIDN'T accomplish that goal. He realized that even considering all of the time it would take, that he would still have many years ahead to enjoy the fruits of that labor of having achieved a major goal.
All of those baby steps add up to great accomplishments, and change the life trajectory for the better!

I wrote down my top 10 lessons many moons ago, and I still have them and have referred to them many times: 3. Do it anyway, 19. Eat reasonable amounts, 26. Stop eating if food is disappointing, 38. Food as power, replacing emotional needs, 41. Motivation is a choice, 46. If not food, then what?, 50. 10 minute solution, 56. Head hunger-will eating change this issue?, 57. Head hunger insteads, 59. Heart hunger insteads. Other phrases that I repeat, some of which are also from 100 Days, are 66. Don't even start, 92. Accept the solution, and LET IT GO! These items remain timeless truths to me.

It seems that I am the one who benefits most whenever I share information or continue to practice the good ideas that I have learned from others. I commit to lifelong wellness through being open to new information, listening to others, eating clean, hydrating, exercising, stretching/meditating, and allowing proper downtime through sleep and rest.

This is how I LIVE!

  Denise Replied:

It's been an amazing 100 Days spent learning from reading your posts. I don't think I can thank you enough. There's a lot that I have anchored myself to where wellness is concerned and a lot I have yet to apply and learn. It's not called a journey for nothing.

Thank you so much Jeanne. You have been more than helpful. I hope you enjoyed posting as much I enjoyed reading.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Denise, Thank you for your kind words. I have truly enjoyed revisiting all of these topics and putting my own spin on them. This experience just further solidified my commitment to be well for life, and to stay in touch with you and so many others here who teach me so much.

  Tick Tock Replied:

Jeanne, it has been wonderful these past 100 days reading through the 100 days. Can't believe how fast it went by too! Thank you so much for your insights and ideas. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us!!!!

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