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High Blood Pressure

I suffer from very high blood pressure that is unfortunately not weight related. I was diagnosed nearly 15 years ago as a teenager and despite the three medications I'm on, it refuses to normalize. I don't smoke and rarely drink (Always the first questions docs ask). I watch my salt and even at 125lbs my pressure was just as high as it is at 185. Been through lots of medical tests and no cause has ever been found. Has anybody else experienced anything like this? Any tips on getting it down?

  Ev Replied:

Breakfast, have you asked your doc to refer you to some practitioner (some medical person - around here they often use acupuncture or bio-feedback, for example) to help you? What does the doctor say?

  Tricia Replied:

I too have high blood pressure - due to vascular stenosis. Am on medication and watch my diet but have found that regular exercise has helped me. I started running 5 years ago and now really enjoy it - I'm not fast but can now run 10k at a steady pace. Good Luck!

  Diane Replied:

I would have said sodium but do you get stressed at all? Exercise is a great stress reliever. Do you drink lots of water to flush your system. Other than that, I am not sure.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Ev, I've not asked my doc to refer me to a practitioner in the past but that's a great idea. I saw the same doc back home for a couple of years with no real progress. Now that I'm in the uk ill have to give the nhs a go, hopefully with a better outcome.

Tricia, if you don't mind my asking, how were you diagnosed with vascular stenosis?

Diane, stress was a big contributor in the past but there's been no improvement since destressing

Thank you all for your feedback!

  Cindy H. Replied:

Even though I lost weight and was exercising regularly, I wasn't able to get off my blood pressure meds until gave up wheat and gluten. I completely believe that is the reason I was able to finally do it. Check out

  Diane Replied:

Wow Cindy, that is interesting. It is amazing what wheat will do to one's body.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Very interesting, Cindy. Thanks ill check that out!

  Shannon Replied:

I also have HBP but I'm afraid it is weight related. However, the two meds I'm on keep it in check. I take Ramipril and Hydrochlorothyazide

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  Anonymous Replied:

Yes. I eliminated caffeine about 6 years ago and my blood pressure dropped and has stayed down. The only thing that seems to spike it now is stress, which I try to avoid more and more by being more organized and not over-committing myself.

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