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Declutter challenge

Cindy H.

Flylady is doing a Declutter challenge for Lent. 40 days of decluttering -- one woman decluttered by filling one box a day of items to get rid of -- by the end of Lent she had removed 42 boxes of stuff from her house! This could be you, too!

Start on Wednesday and by Easter just think of how much stuff you could recycle, throw out, give away and bless others ... or sell on craigslist!

Here's a link to some ideas on ways to declutter.

  Pinkdream Replied:

I saw this too and thought what a great challenge! 40 less boxes would be wonderful!!

  Judy Replied:


  Shari (CE) Replied:

  Cindy H. Replied:

the same woman also wanted to do one of the things on her to-do list each day (which apparently was over 40 items long and had grown over the years).

I don't have that much on my list ... but I like the idea of using Lent to spur me on to get all the someday chores done!

  smagirl Replied:

This sounds great! Today I cleaned my refridgerator and tomorrow I will declutter my pantry. I just started my weight loss journey and this is a good way to start. Thanks!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Some really good ideas here! Great idea to put a reminder list on my phone and set an alarm each day (except Sunday - everybody deserves a day of rest). According to my log, my target date to get to my goal is Sept. 23, I think I'll de-clutter one thing a day until I hit my target weight! Who's with me?

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