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Bragging and Thanking you.


I just have to brag on here. I have gone trough hell and back last year with cancer surgeries and weight gain. And Since Jan 1 of this year I got on a low carb and calorie plan trough my doctor and have released 33.3 pounds so far this year by having 1600 Cals and 168 in Carbs and this was the best plan for me. The support That I have gotten over the years has been fantastic and I thank you all for not letting me give up. But this is the best year ever.I have a great team here and my Doctors are the best. I have up coming surgery again on Tuesday and this is number 15 to have skin cancer removed this time.And a few Doctor appointments next week too. So please keep the prayers coming that they get all the cancer and clusters around the tumor removed and prayers for my surgeon at 9:20 am Tuesday morning.This cancer can spread and surgery is my only option for now. Thanks !!

  Pinkdream Replied:

Keeping you in prayer!

  Diane Replied:

Way to go Janet... This is and will be an amazing year for you. I will be lifting you up in prayer and praying for the team of dr's/nurses with you on Tuesday.

  Gwen Replied:

Janet, you can be sure of prayers for Tuesday.

Do you want to know something? It is a joy and pleasure to have you as part of SYD. You are an inspiration. How ever did you lose 33.3 pounds this year already? I want to do the same!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Way to go Janet! You are in my prayers for Tuesday. Keep us updated!!

  Judy Replied:


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  Anonymous Replied:

Yes, the weight loss is absolutely amazing! I have been watching all the bar charts in a lot of the user competitions and you lady are a shooting star! You are definitely shinning bright.

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

You are one tough lady Janet! The support you have given me in my journey here has been remarkable and I "THANK YOU"! Wishing you the very best results next week. I will keep you in my prayers.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Thank you lady's for the comments and the prayers for Tuesday. And of coarse the support.

@ Gwen

I did lose the 33.3 this year. My Doctor said it's from doing the lower carbs with the calorie counting.And that's why he put me on it. 1600 cals and 169 in carbs.

  Shari (CE) Replied:

Keeping you in prayer!

  GiGi Replied:

You are in my prayers!

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